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Meet the Women of AllBlk TV's "Wicked City" as they get ready for Season 2

Updated: May 22, 2023

Supernatural thriller "Wicked City" premiered on ALLBLK TV streaming and Amazon Prime in December 2022 and quickly became the network's most popular series. Executive produced by Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood and Donte Lee, and directed by Dale Lewis, "Wicked City" follows a coven of five Black witches who push their supernatural powers to new heights after uncovering dark secrets and accidentally entering the world of the forbidden.

The five witches are played by talented actresses (Shaquita Smith, My Valentine Crush), (Mercedez McDowell, The Resident), (Chantal Maurice, P-Valley), (Chanel Mack, The Harder They Fall), and (Taylor Polidore, Snowfall). Veteran actress Vanessa Bell Calloway (Coming to America) stars as their mentor and leader. The six episode series filled the void of Black Supernatural content that viewers were looking for.

Now, as they are filming and preparing for Season 2, Boss XL Magazine catches up with three of the witches; Shaquita Smith, Chanel Mack, and Chantal Maurice as they talk about their experience shooting "Wicked City" and their individual creative projects.

A theatrical grad of Troy State University, Shaquita Smith is Jordan Davis in Wicked City. Among her many accolades, Shaquita competed in Miss Georgia USA, and acted in numerous roles such as NCIS New Orleans, Switched at Love, and most recently BET's My Valentine Crush.

Boss XL Mag - How did you get involved in acting?

Shaquita Smith - I actually went to school for acting. I received a scholarship to attend Troy State University in Troy, Alabama. My training helped prepare me to do what I am doing right now. I started out in theatre and worked my way up to film.

Boss XL Mag - How much fun was it filming the first season?

Shaquita Smith - I had soooo much fun preparing for my role as Jordan! Jordan is so out of the box and she really love to be a goof ball! The cast and crew was great to work with.

Boss XL Mag - What can people expect with this upcoming season?

Shaquita Smith - Get ready ladies and gentleman, you are in for a treat with this new season!!! Love, sex, betrayal, and murder…the list goes on and on!!!! Get your popcorn ready because it’s going to take you on a ride!!!

Boss XL Mag - What are some other projects you have that we need to look for in the future from you?

Shaquita Smith - Recently, just I starred in My Valentine crush on BET and I will be shooting the sequel, “My Valentine Wedding”. I’m super excited about it!!!

Follow Shaquita Smith

Instagram: @Shaquita_Official

Twitter: @RealShaquita

The Stellar Adler School of Acting trained Chanel Mack got her start in the performing arts during her high school years at Aquinas High School in The Bronx, NY. After continuing her education at St Johns University, Chanel has been a supporting feature cast member in Netflix's "The Harder They Fall" starring Idris Elba and Regina King, and Showtime's "Desus and Mero", just to name a few. Chanel plays the enchanting Sherise in "Wicked City".

Boss XL Mag - How did you get involved in acting?

Chanel Mack - Growing up, performing arts has always been an interest of mine. As the child of two tri-athletes, my love of stage was very surprising, however it seemed to be the only thing I could do well.

I always participated in school recitals and plays, but when I got to college my dreams got shut down… because my parents were NOT paying for a theater degree. So I decided to pursue a PR career in entertainment because I knew I was gonna work in show biz. After 10 years In the game… I was over it! My boss at the time (who is now my attorney… Look at God) suggested I go to acting school. I applied, he wrote my recommendation… then Boom I was in the Stella Adler Studio of acting. The rest is history … now you see me on your TV!!!

Boss XL Mag - How much fun was it filming the first season?

Chanel Mack - Season one was sooooo much fun! Tiresome and stressful at times, but us witches never gave up. We didn’t care how late it was nor how tired we were, we’d push through. There was one night when we were on set for like 16 hours … we played some bachata and started dancing… because we were not giving up on this. Megamind Entertainment never gave up on us… and we’d never give up on them. Also the magic was fun… it was like being a kid In a toy store!!!

Boss XL Mag - What can people expect with this upcoming season?

Chanel Mack - Oh baby… this season is gonna give you SEX APPEAL, dramatics, even more magic, sexy villains, and Sherise on a pole! I’m not sure if the people are ready… but they better get ready! Okay!

Boss XL Mag - What are some other projects you have that we need to look for in the future?

Chanel Mack - Well with this Writers Guild Association strike I have no idea! However, I do support and stand in solidarity with my WGA people. We all need to be treated fairly… especially our hard working writers. There’s no quality content without them, we need them.

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Chantal Maurice is an Award-Winning, Actress & Filmmaker with over 20 Television credits. She’s known for her work on Grey’s Anatomy, Queen Sugar, and Blue Bloods just to name a few. Some of her film credits include, Christmas DejaVu starring Loretta Devine and recently, Strange Love starring comedian Kountry Wayne.

With a BFA in Theater Arts, Chantal has extensive training in a variety of Acting Techniques. Kevin Spacey has publicly acknowledged her great performance in his Master Class.

In addition to acting, Chantal also wrote, produced and starred in her own film, Loreen’s Gotta Boogie, that was featured on the Fox Soul Network and won multiple film festival awards.

She offers training to aspiring actors through her Acting Studio CoStar Coaching. She plays the role of Angela in Wicked City.

Boss XL Mag - How did you get started in acting?

Chantel Maurice - I’ve been a performer all of my life. As a child I would write and film my own TV shows and recreate music videos and talk shows. I began my theatrical training at the age of 10 with a Youth Performing Arts Program in Columbia SC.

Boss XL Mag - What did you like about the first season of Wicked City?

Chantel Maurice - I enjoyed filming Season One of Wicked City. It was great being able to meet and bond with my cast mates and the crew. Season One did come with it’s challenges, but it prepared us to conquer Season Two.

Boss XL Mag - Should we expect some surprises in Season 2?

Chantel Maurice - People can expect DRAMA! New exciting characters, juicy storylines and a hint of romance.

Boss XL Mag - What do you have coming up for 2023 and beyond?

Chantal Maurice - You can look out for me in the upcoming TV Series starring Deon Cole called Average Joe and Season Two of THEM on Amazon Prime.

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IG @chantalmauricedotcom

Stream Season 1 of Wicked City and see Shaquita, Chanel, and Chantal in action HERE

Checkout a clip from Season 1 here!!


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