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Actress Malika Blessing talks about directing the Award Winning Film "Devil in Her Bed"

Malika Blessing hails from Oakland, Ca and holds a Master's Degree in Theater Arts from Grambling State University. She's a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Her stellar acting work on screen and stage coupled with her unparalleled work behind the scenes with some of the industry's biggest names is what makes her an invaluable asset.

Her current project, "Devil in Her Bed", is an edge of your seat thriller about a young woman, Siobhan, and the stalker she spends every night with without knowing it. On a solitary run, she meets the extremely wealthy, muscled, and attractive Lincoln, and the competitive nature leads to a fun little competition that triggers something in Siobhan, but Lincoln’s playful and inviting nature quickly puts her somewhat at ease and they begin to hit it off.

As their relationship grows, Lincoln suggests a Private Investigator to help her find Hosea, her ex-fiancé who’s gone missing. The stalker’s obsession with Siobhan grows as he begins to literally cut people out of her life that he feels stands in his way or are pulling Siobhan away from him. With friends disappearing and Siobhan feeling more and more isolated, despite the burgeoning romance with Lincoln and his take charge attitude, her world begins to dismantle as clues surface that reveal her stalker is closer than even she suspected.

“Devil in Her Bed” has been accepted to four film festivals and have Won for Best Horror Short Film. 

Boss XL Mag - How did you get involved with the "Devil in Her Bed" Project?

Malika Blessing - My best friend Jaimyon Parker contacted me about coming on board as a casting director. I agreed, and as I was reading the script, I immediately contacted him and said I wanted to direct it. The team agreed and Jaimyon and I became a team to direct this project. Jaimyon and I came up with a system so there wouldn't be any confusion while on set with two directors. Being that I'm an actor, I was able to understand our actors' process and get the best out of them.

Boss XL Mag - What were some challenges while filming a horror film?

Malika Blessing - Honestly, we didn't have any challenges with this project. We were fully prepared. We were blessed to have a team that exudes excellence in all areas. 

Boss XL Mag - What are some other projects you have coming up?

Malika Blessing - I recently wrapped a film called "BLESSING" written by Barbie Amor, "WICKED CITY" created by Kristin Iris Johnson & Serena M. Lee and executive produced by Tressa Azarel Smallwood and Donte Lee (MegaMind Media) is returning for its 3rd Season and I have the pleasure of playing "Caden". I will also be producing Comedian Michael Colyar Comedy Special called "THE KING OF VENICE BEACH" in Venice Beach, Ca in the spring. 

"Devil in Her Bed"

Directed by: Malika Blessing & Jaimyon Parker 

Written by: Jaimyon Parker 

Based on the book written by: Amarie Avant 

Starring: Shanequa Reed and Jermaine Jacox EL

Malika Blessing

Actress,Producer, Casting Director


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