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Quality news, where you want it, when you want it.

BossXL The Mag cares about what you care about and cares about your personal discovery of people, places, things and progression. We are committed to bringing obscurity to light and selecting who gets that light. We are truth seekers who also seek to teach and introduce our readers to those people who REALLY make the world around us a unique and significant place to live and thrive.

We are committed to the changing times and to giving platform to those areas of media that can sometimes get lost in the vastness of the rapidity of our collective social engagement. We are Bosses because we dare to do what others consider trivial, we dare to try what many of us take for granted, and we dare to curate who we imagine is changing the game for us all. 


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Publisher & Chief Editor


Senior Editor

Carl Agard


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Ava Medina


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