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Boss XL Mag Exclusive Pics and Videos of BET+ Screening of "My Valentine Wedding"

Co-Stars Travis Cure (The Oval) and Shaquita Smith (Wicked City) was on hand to screen the premiere of "My Valentine Wedding" at an intimate event hosted by Radio Personality Sasha the Diva in Atlanta. "My Valentine Wedding" is the follow up to last year's popular BET Original "My Valentine Crush", which also starred Cure and Smith.

"My Valentine Wedding" follows Krystal Dawson (Shaquita Smith)- Krystal is a hardworking financial officer who is an undercover romantic and undercover poet. Krystal is surprised with a dream proposal from her longtime boyfriend Darryl (Travis Cure) and her life is flipped upside down as she is thrust into hosting what is supposed to be the wedding of her dreams but is quickly turning out to be the opposite.

"My Valentine Wedding" also stars Rhonda Morman, Jeff Logan, Dawn Halfkenny, Monti Washington, Tiffany Snow, and Jenean Coleman, with Dkia Johnson, Javon Johnson, Michelle Lamb, and Barton Fitzpatrick. The film is once again directed by Christopher A Nolan and written by Cassandra Mann.

Checkout the Pictures from the Screening Party courtesy of Carl Agard

Checkout the Official Trailer


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