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"Start Loving Black People" holds their first Annual Juneteenth Celebration and Panel Discussion

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

In celebration of Juneteenth, a selection of industry leaders participated on a panel discussion centered around supporting Black people and encouraging the uplift of the community as a whole. Event organizer Dona Mathews a leader in the Atlanta Nightlife and Beverage industry responding to What actions can we take to achieve the theme says, “Intentionality. I wanted to cultivate community…each individual can connect with another and create opportunities where, I think, if we can interact as Black people with love and intention, then we can have a great outcome. That’s the action. Love.”

The panel consisted of Angel McCoughtry 2x Olympic Gold Medalist & WNBA All-Star; Justin Miller, ESQ. Civil Rights and Trial Attorney, Entrepreneur & Activist; Angela Watts, CEO & Producer - Atlanta Fashion Week & Ragtrade Atlanta; Brandon Butler CEO & Founder Butter ATL Culture Channel and Media Company; Cam Kirk CEO Cam Kirk Studios, Photographer and DJ Loui Vee, Program Director, 105.3 The Beat iHeart Radio ATL. The panel was moderated by Krystal “KG” Garner Winner BET’s The Grand Hustle, Creative Director & Patron Agave Master and sounds by DJ Supreme.

The key theme that consistently came up throughout the panel discussion was unity and support. “Our community is so diverse and so full of talent that you can find someone to help you with your idea sitting right next to you here or in church…at the gym” says Attorney Justin Miller. “This is the only time in history where if you have an idea today you can turn it into a business tomorrow.” The panel addressed how non-black allies can support Black people through access and using their privilege to open doors and have conversations in rooms where they can advocate to make changes such as providing a seat at the table. “Opportunity is what we need. The excellence is already there” says Angel McCoughtry WNBA player. She also spoke about advocating for herself and staying the course as an athlete and a Black woman.

“Our mission is to create a space to elevate and amplify Black voices, says Charles Bourgeois, Founder SLBP, Inc. “When we Start Loving Black People® we can acknowledge Black allies, Black culture & Black people, through a platform that generates awareness and inspires conversation.” The Juneteenth event was just the first of many activities and events to come. SLBP, Inc. is an Entertainment and Media company.

The event was held at a new downtown event space South DWNTN and the Artistic floral décor was curated by AtTwelve80. Founder/Co-Owner of AtTwelve80 Ronisha Levy, says “From media to the arts, we need to continue to highlight African Americans as people and not only the culture.”

For more information about SLBP, inc. and to purchase merchandise visit:

South DWNTN Event space:


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