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Business Woman Nicole Harding is taking her brand, Celfie Cosmetics, to the Next Level with some Strategic Collaborations

Nicole Harding, the visionary CEO of Celfie Cosmetics, has sculpted a remarkable narrative in the beauty industry. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Nicole's key quality is her strategic leadership. Nicole propelled Celfie into the limelight with a diverse product line that accentuates the beauty of lips, eyes and more. Under her guidance, Celfie introduced HD eye shadows, lashes, and gel eyeliners, showcasing her commitment to quality and versatility.

Strategic collaborations with influential faces, from reality stars like Claudia Jordan and Roxanne Shante to partnerships at iconic events like New York Fashion Week, underscore Nicole's role in establishing Celfie as a beauty powerhouse. Beyond glamourous events, Nicole's entrepreneurial prowess is evident in the global expansion of Celfie Cosmetics, now available in 20 stores in Nairobi Kenya, Africa.

With past partnerships with Beauty Con London and LA, IMATS, and New York Fashion Week, we catch up with Nicole on how the collaborations came together and what are her plans for Celfie Cosmetics in the future.

Boss XL Mag - How did you get into the cosmetic industry and what was the motivation behind starting Celfie Cosmetics?

Nicole Harding - Entering the cosmetic industry was a bit like deciding to surf on rainbows—sounds fun, right? Jokes aside, my foray into cosmetics started with the simple desire to look more like myself and not some standards set by the industry. Thus, Celfie Cosmetics was born, driven by the revolutionary idea that makeup should be more about self-love and less about attempting to draw the perfect cat eyeliner. Turns out, the world loves a good lipstick and lip gloss, as we all love our lips with some extra flare, I was ready to bring out the peoples distinct personality, one shade at a time!

Boss XL Mag - What were some of the obstacles starting the business, and what are some of the obstacles to overcome now?

Nicole Harding - Ah, the obstacles! Starting Celfie Cosmetics felt a bit like trying to build a sandcastle in a windstorm. Amidst the timeless challenges, there was the ongoing endeavor of persuading everyone that lip colors have a higher purpose and the relentless search for a shade resilient enough to endure a coffee apocalypse.

Boss XL Mag - You have a few celebrity affiliated lines with the brand with Claudia Jordan and Roxanne Shante, how did you get them involved with Celfie?

Nicole Harding - Bringing celebrities like Claudia Jordan and Roxanne Shante into the Celfie family was like orchestrating a cosmic collaboration. We share a passion for making a statement with makeup, and I reached out to these incredible women, not just for their celebrity status, but because their unique styles resonated with the essence of Celfie.

Connecting with Claudia and Roxanne involved a mix of cosmic alignment and genuine admiration for their individual flair. It's amazing how a shared love for bold lip colors and the transformative power of makeup can bring creative minds together. The Celfie journey became a shared canvas for self-expression, and having these luminaries on board has added a touch of stardust to our palette.

Boss XL Mag - What advice would you give to someone that is thinking of starting a cosmetic line?

Nicole Harding - Embarking on the journey of launching a cosmetic line calls for a passionate approach, tailoring creations to the desires of your audience, starting small with a focus on quality, fearlessly embracing innovation, valuing customer feedback, building meaningful connections within the beauty community, maintaining resilience amidst challenges, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, investing in a strong visual identity, and, above all, savoring every moment of the creative adventure.    

Check out the Gallery of Celebs Wearing Celfie Lip Gloss: Mona Scott Young, Brandy, Nene Leakes, Monica, and Yandy Smith

Boss XL Mag - What are some future plans for Celfie Cosmetics and other ventures coming up?

Nicole Harding - In the tapestry of tomorrow for Celfie Cosmetics, we're weaving plans for dynamic collaborations with influencers, broadening our global presence to share our unique brand ethos with beauty enthusiasts globally. Beyond cosmetics, I'm eagerly exploring new horizons, contemplating ventures that could include immersive beauty experiences, innovative workshops, or the creation of cutting-edge product lines. The canvas ahead is brimming with creative possibilities, and we can't wait to share it with the world!

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