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Pilot and Mom shares her inspiration behind her documentary on her Journey to Africa

Ebony Lewis, born in Chicago, Illinois, and was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, is a Writer, Director, Producer, and Actress. The graduate of Georgia State University earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Management with International honors and studied abroad in England, France, Italy, and South Africa. A Wanderlust at heart, Ebony has traveled, studied, worked, and lived globally in over 18 different countries. Her multilingual skills in English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Arabic have given her an authentic and uniquely global perspective to relate to people of diverse cultures and share their truth in personal stories of humanity.

The mom of three loves spending time with family and friends, She is also a pilot who loves to fly and is pursing a commercial pilot license. With her many accomplishments and entrepreneurial endeavors, The sky is no longer the limit it's just the beginning. She is currently showcasing her short film and documentary on her personal journey to Africa at different Film Festivals across the country. We catch up with Ebony to find out the inspiration behind her journey.

Boss XL Mag - What was the inspiration for you to take this journey to Africa and why did you pick these two countries?

Ebony Lewis - My purpose to tour Kenya and Tanzania was to heal with self-love and rediscover myself, my passions after ending and escaping a 5 year long toxic narcissist and abusive relationship.

In 2018, I took the Ancestry DNA kit and traced my African roots to Kenya and Nigeria and have always wanted to visit these countries. In September 2022, my 5 year long relationship with my toxic abusive narcisstic fiance’ ended and I needed to go far away to heal, give myself grace and self-love to rediscover myself and my passions. A good friend of mine, Tiffanie Anderson, CEO of Away To Africa (IG: @awaytoafrica) reached out to me and demanded that I join her and a group of 12 other powerful businessses women and professionals to a “Goddess Retreat” to connect with the ancestors and your true self. Within less than a month before the scheduled departure, I said “Yes!”and signed up immediately.

Boss XL Mag - What were some of the most important things you learned from the trip?

Ebony Lewis - I learned how to connect with the ancestors, accept my generational trauma and transform the pain to purpose. I rediscovered the power of my femininity and embrace and honor it to become a renewed woman.

I also learned how to cook homemade simosas in the villages of Lamu, Kenya. It was one of the most surreal humbling experiences and made me realized how blessed I am. The women did not have modern cooking appliance and prepared the food and ate on the floor. Yet it was one of the best meals of my lifetime.

Boss XL Mag - What advice would you give someone that want to go on their own Journey but don't know where to start?

Ebony Lewis - First have no expectations, define the purpose of your journey and how you want it reflect the person that you’re evolving into. Choose a destination that will give you peace and clarity to to think strategically. Build an digital travel dream board by saving YouTube videos, Pinterest blogs and pictures, and Instagram reels of the experiences you’d like to do, places you desire to visit, and restaurants you’d like to dine.

Don’t worry if you’re unable to do everything on the list because you began this journey with no expectations. However at the end of your day, journal and write about your many experiences from how you felt, the interaction of the people you encountered and what you learned about yourself. At the end of your journey, you should have grown with self awareness, self love and gratitude to appreciate the simplest things in life.

Boss XL Mag - Are you entering the documentary in any upcoming film festivals?

Ebony Lewis - I entered “Dear Self… You’re a Goddess” film in the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival short film documentary. It was my first time entering any project into any film festival and gave me the confidence and drive to create more authentic storytelling. I’m in my “Mogul era” of life and building my brand as a Filmmaker and Director.

Checkout the Trailer!!

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Aug 23, 2023

Wonderful and inspiring article. Ebony I am so proud to call you friend!

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