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Master P, Dr Boyce Watkins, Don Peebles and many more Headlined the TSP Game Plan 2024 Conference

Thousands of business owners from around the country descended on the Avalon Hotel outside of Atlanta, Georgia for another successful Traffic, Sales, and Profits conference Game Plan 2024. The three day conference was comprised of workshops, boot camps, and key note speakers aimed at helping business owners take their profits to the next level through marketing and e-commerce.

Hosted by husband and wife team, Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, the TSP Conferences have brought in heavyweight speakers in the past like Magic Johnson, Jermaine Dupri, Issa Rae, Cathy Hughes, and many more. This year conference keynote speakers were Master P (Founder, P. Miller Enterprises and No Limit Records), Don Peebles (Chairman & CEO, The Peebles Corporation)Dr. Boyce Watkins (Founder, Black Business School) Arlan Hamilton (Founder, Backstage Capital),

Day one of the conference kicked it off with Financial Expert Dr Boyce Watkins giving business owners tips on growing their savings through stocks and investment portfolios. He also stressed the importance of Black Business owners to pay attention to different market changes in the economy.

Checkout Dr Boyce Watkins talking to Boss XL Magazine about finances for young adults

Real Estate Mogul and Developer Don Peeples gave the audience the backstory of how he leveraged a run down office building in Washington DC in the 80's to help build his Real Estate empire. He is now building the largest minority owned residential building in New York City on the West Side.

After an exciting Day One, the atmosphere was already set for success with “NO LIMIT" on Day Two of TSP Game Plan. After the TSP Awards celebrating six, seven and eight figure business owners, there was a surprise "Swag Surf" performance by Fast Life Yungstaz (F.L.Y.) to get the crowd hyped up in anticipation for the day's key note speaker Master P. Mr Miller talked about his humble beginnings opening up for Tupac in Ohio, to his record breaking sales in the music industry, to now doing food ventures with Snoop Dogg and Rap Snacks.

Checkout Master P talking to Boss XL Mag about pivoting in Business!!

Day Three marked the final day of TSP Game Plan 2024 and it did not disappoint. Backstage Capital Founder, Arlan Hamilton returned for a fireside chat with Lamar about securing venture capital and the importance of being prepared to secure millions in funding.

TSP Live will return in June of 2024 with Magic Johnson coming back again as keynote speaker on how he has now became a billionaire!!

Founded by business coach couple Ronnie & Lamar Tyler, TSP gives entrepreneurs and business owners surefire systems and strategies to grow their business through digital marketing. “It’s hard for us to contain our excitement having the lineup of amazing Business and Entertainment Icons as keynote speakers for TSP LIVE,” stated Lamar Tyler. “When we say that TSP LIVE is a conference like no other, we mean it,” adds Tyler. “When you walk through the door, you immediately know what Black Excellence looks and feels like; especially because there are Black Millionaires walking through our hallways who have achieved trailblazing success in e-commerce, beauty, apparel brands, service industry, technology, restaurants & hospitality, law, medical fields, accounting, finance, and many more professional industries, and they’re openly sharing business advice and gems of success on the spot."

For more information on Traffic, Sales, and Profits and to register for their next conference in June 2024, check them out at TSP Events - Traffic Sales and Profit


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