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How an Entrepreneur used Adversity to Start her own Fragrance Line

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Shannon Walter is a Jill of all trades who has become more intentional about walking in her purpose and living a life all poured out. She's the evidence of her ancestors wildest dreams. A fragrance curator, Wedding officiant, Emotional Hydration Coach (life coach who's focus is on self-esteem/self-worth) and a Cigar Enthusiasts, who recently the won 2021 Atlanta Cigar Week SOTL Style Icon Of The Year and Black Girl Magic SOTL Excellence and Achievement Award by ATL Cigar Co and Stanley’s Cigar Lounge. She's taking the cigar world by storm. Stay tuned and let's get the latest on her fragrance brand entitled "The ANOMALY" A Fragrance For The Chosen People...Matthew 22:14

Boss XL Mag - What motivated you to start your own fragrance line?

I do everything in honor of my son Jullian (Jubee) Ceavion Gamez who I lost at 5 years old on 12/31/07 to a rare form of heart disease. I started making natural skincare products in 2016. I started dabbling with fragrances more specifically in 2019. I wasn't sure what type of response I would receive so I decided to test the market. I shared with Larry Wilson, from "The Band Smoke" that I would be making a male fragrance. He loved it the idea and asked for me to bring him his own personal bottle. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Tuesday night and I had arrived at Cigar City where the band was scheduled to play, it was a packed house as usual. I walked up to the stage during an intermission and handed Larry his bottle of cologne.

He smelled it and loved it. His love for the fragrance was followed not only by a purchase (I was selling 2oz test bottles for $20 at the time), but by an announcement over the mic for everyone in the establishment to hear. It piqued everyone's curiosity and I was pulled in every direction just so people could experience what Larry experienced. A few people purchased bottles and then a young woman came to grab me and brought me to the back of the lounge to meet a gentleman. He was so fascinated with my fragrance he purchased every bottle that I had and requested for me to make as many bottles as I could to bring back before closing. I left to run to my apartment which was minutes away from the establishment. When I returned, he bought me out and at that moment I knew I had something valuable.

Boss XL Mag - How did you finally decide on the scent for the fragrance and how hard was that process?

I usually pick my fragrance blends according to the energy that I'm feeling. Following my heart usually renders positive results.

Boss XL Mag - What were some obstacles you had to overcome to get the fragrance line launched?

I started making fragrance, and skincare products full-time after returning from overseas, during the pandemic. Although business was moving, I had to choose between reinvesting in my business or using the money to take care of my family and pay my bills, it wasn't an easy choice, but a choice that had to be made nonetheless.

Boss XL Mag - What are your company’s plan for 2022?

This upcoming year, I've decided to be more intentional with my business practices. I've been doing things on my own, but I've come to realize that success is not an individual achievement. So I've prayed for divine connections and have decided to surround myself with people that I can learn/grow from, those who can help me cultivate and structure my business so that my company now has a sense of longevity.

You can order your Men's and Women's Fragrance at

Follow Shannon Walter at @jubeeg2


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