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From Banker to Brewer, Brown Girl's Brew hostile takeover of the Craft Beer Industry

Updated: May 24, 2023

Christina Thomas, a business graduate from Rutgers University and currently a Portfolio Analyst for a major financial institution, has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. For over 13 years, she's been carving a path to enter the craft beer brewing industry, and it wasn't until she created Brown Girl's Brew, that she found her true calling. Christina has not only created a line of amazing beers, but she's breaking down barriers in an industry that has long been restrictive to women and people of color.

Despite the challenges she's faced, Christina's attitude is empowering. With her eyes set on the ultimate goal of creating the most amazing beer ever, she's established flagship flavors for each major style of beer, from Ale to Lager to Stout to Pilsner. Her inaugural beer, Carrot Cake Amber Ale, is a tribute to her mother and the bakery shop where she grew up. With over 50 Momma Allie-inspired flavors, Christina's focus is on introducing at least 10 new flavors by the end of 2024.

Brown Girl's Brew isn't just a beer, it's a movement over beer that is empowering women of color and breaking down barriers in an industry that has long been dominated by a narrow group of individuals. Here's more on what she have to say on that:

Boss XL Mag - What is the motivation behind creating Brown Girls Brew?

Christina Thomas - Let me paint a picture of the passion and drive behind Brown Girl's Brew.

As a young girl, I watched my mother build her own bakery business from the ground up. Seeing her dedication and hard work inspired me to pursue my own dreams of entrepreneurship. However, when I entered the craft beer industry, I was met with a heavily male-dominated culture that made it challenging for me to establish myself.

But I refused to let this stop me. I saw an opportunity to create something unique and empowering for women in the beer industry. That's when Brown Girl's Brew was born. Our mission is to not only create delicious, one-of-a-kind flavors, but also to promote diversity and inclusivity in a space that has been dominated by men for far too long.

Boss XL Mag - What are some of your flavors and how did you come up with them?

Christina Thomas - Our flavors are inspired by my mother's baking business, with creative twists that you won't find anywhere else. From Carrot Cake Amber Ale to Lemon Pound IPA, each sip is a taste of my family's history and a celebration of our culture.

We don't just want to make great beer. We want to change the game. Our approach to marketing is bold and innovative. We will create contract brewing relationships with leading breweries in the major regions of the US and do instate distribution to reach a wider audience while maintaining our brand's integrity.

Boss XL Mag - How are you going to market the product?

Christina Thomas - By partnering with established breweries, we can introduce our unique flavors to new audiences while building a loyal following of our own. We want to inspire other women and people of color to pursue their dreams and break down barriers in industries that have been exclusive for too long.

Brown Girl's Brew is more than just a beer company. It's a movement. A symbol of empowerment and change. We are paving the way for a new era of diversity and inclusivity in the craft beer industry, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. So raise a glass to the future, and let's toast to breaking barriers and changing the game.

Follow Brown Girl's Brew on IG @browngirlsbrew


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