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Actress Reyna Love from "Secret Society" tells us why Perserverance Always Pay Off

Updated: May 18, 2023

Reyna Love is a model and actress based in Miami, Florida. Reyna’s mother Lorna Shuford opened her eyes to many things as a child but acting was the one thing that Reyna loved as a child. Later on, Reyna grew a large following through her modeling career but when she received a call back after auditioning for the lead role Celess on Secret Society Movie by Miasha Coleman, her social media fan base grew even more with everyone supporting her as an actress. Reyna is so grateful that Miasha chose her to bring the Celess character to life not once, but twice and it’s been confirmed there will be a third Secret to Society Movie. Stay tuned this is only the beginning for Reyna Love!!

Boss XL Mag - How did you get started with acting?

Reyna Love - When I was younger my mother had me in a lot of activities, but I fell in love with acting when I was about 7 years old being on a Sesame Street set and later joining the drama club. After I had my two beautiful children, I thought my acting career was over, but God had other plans. God brought Secret Society Producer and Director Miasha Coleman into my life, and she gave me the call back about the lead role Celess. I knew dreams do come true... Miasha started a flame in me that I thought died years ago.

Boss XL Mag - How was your experience filming the Secret to Society sequels?

Reyna Love - I love the cast and crew! To be back on set with everyone was like a family reunion. I was so happy when Miasha confirmed part 2 of Secret Society, and even more excited that Erica returned for part 2. I even gained a new sister named Adeja, who plays Sisi in part 2. The executive producer Rich Coleman treated us all like family and always made sure everyone felt great so we could execute our roles. To be able to do what I love with dope people around me was amazing! Let’s not forget the great advice Vivica A. Fox and Jeremy Meeks gave me on set. Let’s just say when part 2 came around, their advice and wisdom definitely came in handy.

Boss XL Mag- What tips do you have for women that want to get into acting?

Reyna Love - Use your platform, network, and create content that want to you see yourself in to achieve on a bigger platform. Manifestation and prayer are everything, but don’t forget to get up and go get it, you only live once so do it your way now before it’s too late. Live out your dreams!

Boss XL Mag - What are some of your upcoming projects?

Reyna Love - Let’s just say every time I see Miasha’s name pop up on my phone, I get excited. I’m definitely looking forward to part 3 of Secret Society! To be able to work with Miasha Coleman, a mother, author, entrepreneur, producer and self-funded black female film producer is just an honor and an example for our youth. I cannot wait to create magic once again for part 3!!

Follow Reyna Love on IG @reynalove305


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