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What is Plant Medicine & How can it Help Me? A Writer's Journey to Peru

Plant medicine refers to the use of plants, plant extracts or natural substances derived from plants for medicinal and/or therapeutic purposes.  Numerous indigenous cultures around the world have traditionally used plant medicine ceremonially for its healing properties for centuries.

Ayahuasca medicine has the ability to take you on a journey to the deepest part of your being, your SOUL being. Opening access and reconnecting you with the Ancient knowledge and wisdom imprinted in your DNA, using psychic powers and vivid vision that allow you to travel through past, present and future timelines. This plant is a spirit and in the Shaman’s eye it is a POWERFUL HEALER.  Ayahuasca has been revered for centuries by all Indigenous tribes of the Amazon as a “MASTER PLANT”, mainly due to its psychoactive character, which directly induces modified states of Consciousness. This level of elevated Consciousness comes through visions and dream-like states and constitutes the primordial foundation for this traditional medicine.

To Learn more about the Power of Plant Medicine, here is an upcoming trip to Peru:

Dates:  May 18-24th

Location:  Iquitos, Peru

All ceremonies are facilitated by Experience Shipibo Shamans.  Retreat includes:

  • 1 Kambo Ceremony

  • 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

  • Rapeh' session before each ceremony

  • Daily Transcendental Meditation

  • Reiki

For More information about the Retreat please contact Tamika at or 678-934-1405.


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