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Real Estate Mogul and TV Host Benaisha Poole-Watson gives us the Real Deal on today's market

Updated: May 18, 2023

Benaisha Poole-Watson is the owner and operator of Bailey Watson Real Estate, a group with licensed realtors around the nation and is part of the top 1% of realtors in the county. She also is also the owner of Prime One Home Loans, a non-depository mortgage bank that specializes in FHA and VA loans, with a specific focus on people of color and veterans.

She has been a real estate investor for over 20 years and has been operating her Dallas based real estate companies since 2015. She gives back to the community everyday by mentoring new real estate professionals and hosting her upcoming financial literacy show on Fox Soul. We are privileged to have Ms Poole-Watson stopping by to give us some insights on how to deal with today's changing real estate market.

Boss XL Mag - What advice do you have for first time homebuyers looking for 100% financing or down payment assistance?

Benaisha Poole-Watson - If you are looking for 100% financing or down payment assistance I would first start by doing research on what those loan programs typically require. For instance, if you go to your preferred search engine and type in “Assistance Programs for Homeownership” thousands of websites will pop up that provide assistance, grants and a multitude of options. Learn your options, so when you speak to a Bank you know exactly what to ask for when it comes to the services you want to receive. If a bank does not provide the options you would like, find one who will. They are out there.

Boss XL Mag - It's been hard for self employed buyers to get mortgages because of the tax return requirements. What are some alternative options out there?

Benaisha Poole-Watson - Prime One Lending Group/Prime One Home Loans offers over 1000 loan programs that include several gamechanger options for Self Employed buyers that do not require tax returns. Yes, you can absolutely buy a home without the headache of gathering up tons of documents. A few loan program options without the requirement of tax returns include Bank Statement Loans, P&L Only Loans, 1099 Only Loans, 2nd mortgage Equity Loans and DSCR Loans. For example, the Bank Statement Loan requires 12 or 24 months of Business and/or Personal Bank Statements, minimum FICO score of 640, maximum loan amount of $3 million, up to 55% debt to income ratio, minimum down payment is 10% and gift funds are allowed. Must be in business for a minimum of 2 years to qualify.

Boss XL Mag - You have been a top selling real estate professional for years, what are the top three things you would advise a new agent to do their first two years in business?

Benaisha Poole-Watson - My top three pieces of advice for a new real estate professional is to:

First get out there and meet as many people as you can. 92% of your clients are people you do not know, so that means you have a lot of work to do.

Second, the deals are in the follow up! Every time you meet a person, follow up with an email, a phone call or text message and stop there. Within a few days to a week make sure you follow back up with that person. Following up shows the customer you are there for them and you have a vested interest in helping them achieve their goals. You are also showing them you are directly making yourself available to serve them.

Lastly, make it a reality that curating business will take HARDWORK. When you see a very successful person achieve, whether on TV or in person, has often taken them years to become a master of it. Nothing happens overnight. I have been in real estate for over 20 years and have just gotten to the point of building generational wealth that will be passed down to my grandkid’s kids, kids and their kids. The work you put in today will speak through your customers and interactions with them. Making a quick video and posting it on social media is only one aspect of what people need to know about you and your brand. What people say about you is really what matters and will be the influence that determines your longevity in business. Stay the course. Let the work show how passionate you are about your craft and in the end, the way you perform for the people you serve will speak for YOU and open doors your feet have not entered yet.

To find your next dream home, get pre qualified for a mortgage with Benaisha Poole-Watson at and

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