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Meet the latest Filmmaker "Straight out of Brooklyn" taking the Industry by Storm

Recording artist turned film director and actor C-Class is fast becoming one of the most prolific filmmakers in the industry today and people are taking notice. Born and bred in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, C-Class Web Series, "Let's Go" is an original series about to enter its sixth season this summer.

Besides "Let's Go", C-Class also have Two comedy movies, The Bullet To The Ballot film and one soundtrack. The series has amassed over 13 million views and 50k subscribers on YouTube since airing July 2016. C-class won Best Actor in a leading role at the "2018 Urban web series awards.

Currently, C-class has signed a distribution deal with Homestead Entertainment which was founded by Bob Johnson, former owner of BET. This will ensure his films will be streamed and showcased on major streaming networks. His series “The Bullet to the Ballot”, a civil rights film, is playing on the TUBI TV App. In the series, the characters take the law into their own hands by capturing and killing racial offenders who harmed Trayvon Martin, Breonna Taylor and Emmett Till and seeking reparations. The controversial series covers current events of ongoing racial tensions.

We catch up with C-Class to talk about his current and past projects...

Boss XL Mag - What motivated you to become a filmmaker?

C-Class - I always felt I had a compelling and interesting life story. After the Money & Violence n Respect Life YouTube series came out, it gave me the motivation to think I can do it myself because they did it on they own, and they were independent. I didn't start out holding the camera, but my first director bailed on me and I just picked up the job as director and camera man. I had full control after that.

Boss XL Mag - What are some of the challenges you have to face in terms of distribution and getting your films out to the public?

C-Class - Currently I have distribution deal with Homestead entertainment Co founder Bob Johnson former owner of BET. Before that, my main challenge was getting people to get pass the stereotype that comes with having a " Web Series". People wouldn't watch or they would just assume that it's like other low quality "Web Series" and not give us a shot over people who didn't have the success we do.

Boss XL Mag - What are some of your upcoming projects and the future direction of your production company?

C-Class - I have a comedy titled " Edments High", a Drama film and a horror movie in the works for 2023. My direction is to have my own network and to help facilitate other black shows to get to the top while still making my films. I see a lot of potential in other filmmakers like me when I first started out, so if I can get them get a boost, they can be super great and I Ican be responsible for that. Black films forever!!

Check out the Finale to "The Bullet to The Ballot"

Follow C-Class and all of his work

Instagram @cclassave @Msp_Brownsville

Twitter @cclass1 @LetsGo4Life


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