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How Four Partners created Gifted Gods Apparel Company to make waves in the Fashion Industry

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

GIFTED GODS Apparel Company is a Premium Designer streetwear brand formed in 2017 by four partners inspired and influenced by the fashion of Atlanta, NY and the DMV. All of the partners individually are designers by nature and have years of experience by working with other brands and they all came together to form GIFTED GODS.

The brand appeals to both men and women, and they even recently launched a children's line just in time for the holidays. We ask the partners about why they created the brand and the goals for the future.

Boss XL Mag - What’s the inspiration behind Gifted Gods?

Gifted Gods - We realized that black clothing lines don’t stand the test of time. We’ve had amazing brands that spoke to that moment and really embodied what was hot and dope at the time. They catch fire and fizzle out. We are creating a brand that can stand the test of time. One that will have longevity like Polo, Gucci, Lacoste. A brand that’s not trendy, but clean, stylish and will stand up in any era.

Boss XL Mag - What are some obstacles y’all have had to overcome to get the brand launched?

Gifted Gods - Generally our obstacles have been consistent with the impacts of covid. Covid has severely impacted supply chains, which slows the process of identifying clothing, testing fabrics and ideas. It's made the creative process more time consuming which has impacted our launch timeframes.

Boss XL Mag - What are your plans for 2023 and beyond?

Gifted Gods - Grow. Grow. Grow. We plan to continue to grow our brand so we penetrate all parts of the clothing space. We want to make an impact in the clothing world, but more importantly our community. The goal is to illustrate the many Gifts our community have, inspiring our customers to be fly while serving others. Your Gift was given to you, express it. Show it. Give back.

Boss XL Mag - Of all the businesses to start, why a clothing line?

Gifted Gods - Similar to the first question, we want a brand that has longevity and meaning in the community. We realized many brands catch fire and fizzle. We want to be that different brand, a staple in the American culture.

Check them out at shop online at

Follow them on IG @giftedgodsapparel


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