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How a Trip Overseas inspired a MediSpa Business

Bronx native and Atlanta resident Latisha Bennett launched Love Your Body Med Spa in 2020 after years of training and certification in different techniques such as lymphatic massages and body contouring. After a liposuction procedure in the Dominican Republic in 2010, Latisha was inspired to learn these methods to not only shape her body, but to help others as well.

With services ranging from body contouring, liposuction post op care, and body detox, Love Your Body Med Spa expanded from Latisha's home basement office to a full-service location by the Atlanta Airport.

Boss XL Mag - Tell us about your spa and how you got started?

Latisha Bennett - Love Your Body Med Spa specializes in training women to love their body. We offer many services that help them with contouring their body. I got started with my business two years ago because I knew perfecting the body was my passion and I was always interested in remedies that show results. I'm twelve years post-op from 360 lipo and fatty transfer to shape my buttocks so it's always been necessary for me to maintain my body.

Boss XL Mag - What are some services that you offer and how does it benefit the customer?

Latisha Bennett - My spa offers post-op care, wood therapy, metal therapy, body detox, swedish and deep tissue massages. Our body contouring will improve the shape of your body and tone. It's non-invasive and safe. Body contouring procedures will rid the body of excess skin and provide several other benefits.

Boss XL Mag - What obstacles you had to overcome to get your business up and running and what are your plans for the future?

Latisha Bennett - The only obstacle that I had to overcome is finding a great location with little to no competition to set up. My plans, for the future of my business, are to expand across the states so that when you hear Love Your Body Med Spa, it will ring bells. I want to be known as the body magician and snatch God!!

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