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Boss XL Mag Catches up with R & B Songstress Truth Hurts on Life, Europe and Her new EP

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

The name “Truth” meaning, the quality of being true, conforming to fact, reality, and righteousness are just the basics when describing the St. Louis born Shari “Truth” Watson. For many people just hearing the name signifies such realness in ones personality, a sense of boldness, and best believe her realness and lyrical edge will display every characteristic of her name. Truth Hurts launched onto the music scene in grand fashion with her debut album “Truthfully Speaking” on Dr. Dre’s Aftermath label. Her first single appropriately titled “Addictive” topped the 2002 music charts in 14 countries and garnered 2 Grammy nominations. With heavy rotation at both radio and music television, she toured with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg on the Up in Smoke Tour. Shortly after another tour with Lauryn Hill, Outkast, etc called The Smokin’ Grooves Tour.

She would work alongside Dre’ and Snoop again during the filming of her first feature film, “The Wash”. She continued appearing on screen as a singer in the critically acclaimed “Ali” starring Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, and on television in “The Parkers”.

In 2004, Truth Hurts released her sophomore album “Ready Now” on Raphael Saadiq’s label, Pookie Entertainment. She continued performing and touring and in 2007 returned to film appearing in “Marigold” for which she also contributed as a composer for the film score. She went on to appear in the musical revue “I Can’t Stop Loving You: Genius of Ray Charles as the member “Maryanne” of the Raylettes, Charles’ famed back up vocalists.

In May of 2012, Truth Hurts had the pleasure of gracing the stage in Vienna for that year’s Life Ball 2012 as a headliner during the opening ceremonies, performing the year’s song “Blindfold” for which proceeds benefit people with HIV/AIDS hosted by Bill Clinton. In the same year Truth was the only American performer at the annual CGDC event (Center For Global Dialogue and Cooperation) where Truth was the sole guest performer at the monumental event where several government officials from around the world gathered to speak about global peace and order.

Drawing on the influences of soul ancestors like Teena Marie, Tina Turner, Prince, Minnie Riperton, Kathleen Battle, and Josephine Baker...these artists inspired Truth during her formative years and remain a constant reminder of why she loves music. Her Operatic and Theatrical training which began at the tender age of 10yrs old would also eventually introduce her to her love for acting in film and television. Truth later continued in that direction in 2010 with yet another film role in 513 then in the films “Security” alongside Antonio Banderas, and “211” alongside Nicolas Cage. Truthcontinues to this day honing in on her acting skills while working towards becoming more of a global recording artist with her more recent musical creations such as “Nothing Lasts Forever” and “Fight for Love 2020”, songs she specifically penned with the intention hopes of making the world a better place. In 2021 Truth is set to play the role of “Lady Day at Emerson Bar and Grill” in Vienna Austria, and a few other Austrian cities. Truth is also gearing up to release her new 8 song She-P (EP) #revelations in which she released the single "Cheated" on March 31, 2022 and made it available on all digital platforms

We catch up with Truth as she gives us this exclusive interview on her Life and Upcoming Projects.

Boss XL Mag - Tell us about your new project and the motivation behind it?

Truth Hurts - My new project is called #revelations and it's very relationship driven. Most of the songs derived from some recent experiences and current relationship mistakes so essentially it's a true story. The 1st single from the upcoming "She-P" (A term of endearment that I gave my new EP) is called "Cheated" a song I was inspired to write by true events. The entire EP is written and partially produced by me.

Boss XL Mag - You lived in Europe for a long time. How was your music received in Europe and how is the energy different in general out there?

Truth Hurts - I live in Europe off and on because I have a great fan base in countries like Germany, Austria, France, and the UK. So in a sometimes finicky American Music Industry climate it makes more sense to go and perform in Europe and other countries. I've always had a heart for the world and I think my music reflects that. The energy in Europe and other countries is very different because they still respect art in real artistry in ways the US has forgotten to for the most part.

Boss XL Mag - What are your plans for 2022 and beyond? Any more acting on the horizon?

Truth Hurts - My plans for 2022 and beyond is to come back stateside for a bit and focus on the side of TRUTH which is all SOUL, sort of live out my real TRUTH finally. That's what these new records are. That's who I am lately. Unapologetically. The acting really is my 1st love lately so I've been auditioning for a lot of Film and TV as well, there's also a new film I'm in coming out this year called "A Day Like A Week" starring Armand Assante, Stephen Bauer, Tom Sizemore, and MOI. I play an FBI undercover detective. So I'll be stateside working for a while, of course until I start to get that travel itch again :))

Follow Truth Hurts below: Truthhurtsworld TheentityTruthHurtspage Truthhurtsworld


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