• Victoria Barbour

What You Need to Know Before Your Next Trip to Jamaica

Updated: Feb 26

The beautiful island of Jamaica is still the number one travel destination, even during the pandemic. From Montego Bay to Ocho Rios to the bustling city of Kingston, nothing is better than soaking in the sun on the white sands of the beach and tasting the delicious local cuisine.

However, before you hop on a flight, you want to know the COVID protocols for the island so you will have no problems when you arrive.

Below is a listing of everything that you should have with you when preparing to travel to Jamaica. I advise printing out all required documents, just in case technology fails.

1. Negative COVID test - this must be taken within 3 days of the departure date.

2. Travel Authorization - Starting March 1, 2022, the Jamaica Travel Authorization Application process will be eliminated! This means that travelers to Jamaica will no longer be required to complete the "Jamaica Travel Authorization form to be allowed entry into Jamaica.

3. Club MoBay voucher - this is optional, but to minimize your time in line for immigration and customs, add Fast Track and enjoy the Club Mobay lounge before heading to your destination.

4. Transportation voucher

5. Room confirmation

6. Depending on your resort: Resort medical confirmation

(MAS Servicios)

7. Depending on your resort: Online check in for room

Have fun and safe travels!!

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