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What's Bubble Tea? A New Cafe Owner Teaches Us!!

Bubble tea has gained popularity among children and adults within the past five years. It has become one of the fastest growing new businesses along with juice bars. Usually served in a transparent cup or a glass to show off its pearls, the “bubbles” can be a variation of different toppings for you to enjoy.

We catch up with Lisa Lindsay, new café owner of Fruitea Bubbles Café in Smyrna, Georgia about what is Bubble Tea and what motivated her to start her own business.

Boss XL Mag - What is bubble tea and why is it all the rave lately?

Lisa Lindsay - Bubble tea is a Taiwanese cold drink made with tea, milk, sweet flavorings, plus tapioca balls or other flavored popping pearls.

Bubble tea began increasing in popularity at least a decade ago with young people. After selecting the ingredients to make their own favorite, unique creation, they would take their first sip, and immediately feel refreshed and satisfied. A trend of posting pictures of their feel-good vibe and aesthetically appealing drinks to social media outlets went viral, which led to this social phenomenon.

Boss XL Mag - What motivated you to open up your own cafe?

Lisa Lindsay - My daughters, all of their friends, and I love bubble tea! It was so popular in our household that we became like gurus. We recognized a demand in Smyrna for the fun, fruity, feel-good drink, so when the opportunity arose, I had to give the community what it wanted and needed.

FruiTea Bubbles Café is the place where older or younger individuals, couples, and families can have "tea time" (which is anytime of day), relax and enjoy visually appealing, tasty drinks and snacks.

Boss XL Mag - What are some challenges and what advice would you give someone thinking about opening their own cafe?

Lisa Lindsay - There are going to be challenges with ANY new venture, but if you're determined and faithful, then you've got the foundation for success. My motto - pray, pivot, and persist. I really need to add patience to the motto, but that's still a work in progress.

My advice for someone considering opening their own cafe is:

- Do your homework.

- Be prepared and fully committed.

- Be resourceful.

- Seek expertise.

- Surround yourself with trustworthy people.

- Trust yourself.

Order your Bubble Tea at

Follow them on IG @fruiteabubblescafe

Checkout the video of Fruitea Bubbles Cafe owner Lisa Lindsay showing you how to order Bubble Tea

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