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We Catch up with Travis Cure from Tyler Perry's The Oval about the upcoming Season

Travis Cure is a Miami born Actor and Model. A veteran of the United States Marine Corp, Travis moved to Atlanta in 2013, and it wasn’t long before he was approached by a photographer about modeling. Travis spent long days doing fashion shows for free, working trade shows and modeling for photographers just to get his face out there.

In 2014, the publisher of KRAVE Fit Magazine saw Travis on Instagram, and reached out to him for a shoot for the fitness magazine. Later that year, Travis was named the first Model Ambassador for KRAVE Magazine, and that was just the beginning. Travis quickly became one of the most recognizable faces on social media and the phone began to ring.

Dubbed “The Cure”, Travis began hosting events, appearing in music videos, and moving closer toward his ultimate goal: to be an actor. His hard work, dedication and determination have landed him some pretty impressive accolades, and his acting resume continues to grow. He has been the lead in several independent projects, such as David, Nocturnal, Deadly Sexy, Emmy nominated web series Tough Love and its spin-off Pillow Talk. He can also be seen in several music videos, including SWV’s “No Man” and Monica’s huge hit single “Commitment.”

Travis landed the biggest role of his career in June of 2019, when he was cast as a series regular on Tyler Perry’s new series “The Oval”, which debuted in October 2019 to rave reviews, and returns for season 2 on February 16, 2021.

We caught up with Travis to chat about his experience on The Oval:

BXL: How did you land the role with Tyler Perry's The Oval?

Travis: I actually got a call from the studio. One of the producers called my manager and said the VP of Tyler Perry Studios wanted to speak with me directly; Michelle Sneed called me shortly after. We spoke for a while, then about an hour later, I got a call from TP himself... it was unbelievable! He told me about the new series and invited me to audition. I auditioned for three different roles, and ultimately landed the role of Bobby.

BXL: How did The Pandemic affect filming the second season?

Travis: Man, we were delayed for months. When we finally got cleared to return to set, we had to quarantine on set the entire time we filmed, and we took COVID tests regularly. We shot season one over about a 6 week span... we shot season two in 2 weeks! It was grueling, but we got through it, and we were all proud of the job we did.

BXL: What can we expect from Bobby in the upcoming season?

Travis: You're going to learn a whole lot about Bobby this season. A lot of questions will be answered about him... I think people will understand him more this season.

Tyler Perry's The Oval airs on Tuesday nights on BET.

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