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TV One Premieres Kirk and Tammy Franklin's "The One"

Atlanta's grown and sexy came out to support Gospel Heavyweights Kirk and Tammy Franklin on the premiere of "The One", broadcasting every Thursday this Summer on TV One.

The show is centered around Atlanta bachelor and bachelorette Brent and Ashley who have long struggled to find their soulmates. Now, with a little guidance from gospel legend Kirk Franklin and his wife Tammy, Brent and Ashley will embark on a journey filled with sexy suitors and outrageous activities as they seek to find love.

Checkout the Photos from the Red Carpet Courtesy of Gai Spann

Throughout the series, Ashley and Brent will meet two new potential matches each week. At the end of each episode, Brent and Ashley will determine which dates possess the qualities that could make them their soulmate, ultimately leading that suitor to join them at The One Mansion.

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You can watch "The One" every Thursday on TV One

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