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  • Martin Matthews

The Federal Reserve announced what it's doing with interest rates. Here's what you need to know

1. Fed's Current Stance 🛑 The Federal Reserve maintained interest rates at a 22-year peak, but hasn’t closed the door on future hikes. Notably, rates currently lie between 5.25% and 5.5% since their last boost in July.

2. Market Context 📊 The 10-year Treasury yield has shot up nearly 1% since the last rate increase. This pause is the longest the Fed has taken since they started hiking rates from almost zero in March 2022.

3. To Hike or Not to Hike 🤷 Decisions revolve around economic indicators. Slowing inflation could keep rates as they are, but if prices rise significantly, another hike could be on the cards.

4. Factors Influencing Policy 🔍

  • Economic Activity: A surge against expected slowdowns. People are spending more and job markets are expanding.

  • Inflation's Path: Core inflation, which saw a peak of 5.6% last year, reported a 2.8% annualized rate from April to September.

  • Borrowing Costs: Rising long-term Treasury yields have increased borrowing costs, impacting mortgages, auto loans, and business debts.

5. Why Are Yields Rising? 📈 The increase can be attributed to investor expectations of future Fed actions to curb inflation or anticipated inflation rises.

6. Rapid Growth Concerns ⚡ Despite the economy's impressive resilience to swift rate changes and banking stresses (including the unexpected collapse of three midsize banks), prolonged growth could still be a concern for the Fed in their perspective.

7. Balancing Act for Officials ⚖️ The goal: Avoid over-aggressive rate hikes that could plunge the economy into a downturn and ensure inflation doesn't spiral or settle above their 2% target.

8. Expert Takes 🎤 Ex-Boston Fed president, Eric Rosengren, doesn't see the need for tighter policies if inflation and wage growth slow down. However, ex-Fed vice chair, Richard Clarida, believes a rate increase may serve as a preventive measure against unforeseen economic resilience.

9. The Bigger Picture 🖼️ While many Fed officials predicted another rate increase this year, recent sentiments suggest a more cautious approach. Yet, maintaining the possibility of a future rate hike is strategic, keeping the market on its toes.

🧭 Bottom line: The Fed’s cautious stance amid economic unpredictability has markets and experts divided on the future trajectory. The watch continues.

Martin and Chelsea Matthews

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