• Tynisha Sanders

The Benefits of Adding your Child as an Authorized User on your Credit Card

Updated: Mar 29

Adding your child to your oldest credit card as an authorized user has several

benefits. Not only will it add length to their credit history, but it will also boost their credit score.

Here are some other things to consider when adding your child as an authorized user to your credit card:

- Adding an authorized user may come with additional fees

- You are responsible for all purchases and for paying the bill on time every month

- Your child can benefit from your good history and start to establish their own credit

- Spend responsibly!

* To avoid unauthorized charges or damage to your credit score, it is possible to add your child to your credit card without their knowledge. * If you haven't taught them financial literacy, how to spend responsibly or how credit cards work, then add them as an AA but don't give them the card.

When is the best time to add your kid as an authorized user to your credit card?

The age requirement varies depending on the credit card you choose.

American Express: 13 years old

Bank of America: No minimum age requirement

Capital One: No minimum age requirement

Chase: No minimum age requirement

Citi: No minimum age requirement

Discover: 15 years old

U.S. Bank: 16 years old

Wells Fargo: No minimum age requirement

Written by Tynisha Sanders


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