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Skillr App Partners With Senegalese NBA Player Gorgui Dieng To Create VidChat Jobs For West Africans

Skillr, the iOS app for affordable per-minute instant video chats with charities, sports instructors, as well experts in a broad spectrum of other fields, announced that it has entered into a series of partnership agreements with Senegalese philanthropist and NBA athlete Gorgui Dieng and the Gorgui Dieng Foundation.

Gorgui Dieng was born and raised in the West African country of Senegal. Growing up in the small, rural town of Kébémer, Gorgui learned the importance of community. Though life has taken Gorgui far from his roots in Senegal, those communal values that were instilled in him as a young boy still guide his life today.

Like most kids in Senegal, Gorgui grew up playing soccer. That all changed when he discovered basketball, a sport that would ultimately become his passion. His journey to the NBA started at the Sports for Education and Economic Development School in Senegal where he learned to play organized basketball.

In 2009, he was unanimously selected for "Basketball Without Borders", an NBA camp that hosted 60 of Africa's best young basketball players from all over the continent. After being named the camp's MVP, Gorgui was immediately encouraged to take his talents to the United States. With the support of his family, Gorgui uprooted his life and moved to the other side of the world. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now, Gorgui Dieng and the Gorgui Dieng Foundation are partnering with the Skillr App to help West Africans earn money sharing their skills – some acquired in job programs sponsored by the Foundation – in VidChats, accessing a global market of online consumers to overcome the lack of job opportunities in places like his hometown.

Under the new non-exclusive Charitable Organization Hosting Agreement, those helped by the Gorgui Dieng Foundation, and its partners, will be assisted with creating their own Skillr profiles, be featured prominently in the app, and be provided ongoing support and training as they build their own VidChat businesses in Skillr.

Gorgui stated, "I always had it in my mind that one day, when I got the chance, I would help my country. As an investor in Skillr, I am glad the Skillr App and Cass are working with my Foundation to find online VidChat jobs for the people of Senegal."

Skillr CEO Cassel "Cass" Shapiro commented, "Coming soon to the iOS Skillr App, consumers can donate to the Gorgui Dieng Foundation while video chatting with and learning from the talented and passionate Senegalese participants in skills training and other educational programs sponsored by Gorgui's Foundation. All of the proceeds from these sessions will benefit the Foundation and those it helps. It's an honor for the Skillr App on iOS to support the charitable endeavors of my good friend and Skillr investor Gorgui, and the work of the Gorgui Dieng Foundation."

The Gorgui Dieng Foundation

In 2015, Gorgui's dream of helping his country was realized. Teaming up with MATTER, a global nonprofit on a mission to help people launch projects that improve communities, Gorgui established the Gorgui Dieng Foundation with the goal of "Building a Sustainable Future for Senegal."

Through providing life-saving medical equipment & supplies, the Foundation is raising the quality of healthcare in Senegal to higher standards. A child's future is determined by their access to health and nutritious foods, so through the implementation of demonstration farms, the Foundation equips rural farmers to design and replicate a sustainable and thriving farm. Also, every summer, children from Senegal have the chance to improve their athletic skills, teamwork, and problem-solving in a five-day camp.

About Skillr

Founded in Manhattan in 2020 and run by a serial-entrepreneur team on the Bowery, Skillr, Inc., is a developer of software solutions built to address business and social opportunities in the education technology and the digital gig economy industries.

The Skillr App

In the Skillr App on iOS there are live Skillrs available to video chat on your topic of interest and on your schedule. Skillrs' expertise ranges from learning and educational to personal and professional, so now with the Skillr App your basketball and soccer coaching, homework help, interview coaching, those helped by the Gorgui Dieng Foundation, and more, are on tap at affordable per-minute rates around $1 per minute.

If you are on an extreme budget, some Skillr pros VidChat with you for free, just tips.

Checkout the website

The Skillr Referral Program

Skillr provides a Referral Program through which influencers, businesses, consumers and Skillr pros alike – including NBA star Gorgui Dieng – can start earning cash today by referring new users to the Skillr App. New participants receive and distribute referral codes good for a totally free Skillr intro session with selected Skillrs.

Download the Skillr App on iOS today: Skillr App Install Link

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