• Carl Agard

Rufflife TM Rebrands During the Pandemic and Ready To Race in 2021

Boss XL Mag - What motivated you to create RUFFLIFE RACING?

'I started my clothing brand first which was named after me, and one thing I liked just as much as me, was cars. As a young kid, I realized cars were one of my favorite things to look at and I started to draw them all the time. As I got older, I learned about regular cars and exotic race cars which stuck with me more. I used to draw Lamborghinis and Ferraris growing up along with actual GT3 race cars. I played them in video games and built them in virtual realities as best as I could until I finally could afford the real thing. I always saw how cool people looked in Ferraris ,Lambos, and Corvettes so I followed my passion to drive exotic racing cars.'

Boss XL Mag - What challenges did you face during 2020 and how did you adjust to it?

'2020 came out of nowhere literally like a hand to the face with a cake in it, except with rocks instead. The first few months was challenging because my Clothing Distribution Factory in China shut down due to COVID and no orders could be fulfilled for a few months. During that time I noticed people gravitating towards my car, a 03’ Mercedes SL500 widebody. Once I saw how much attention the car got, I knew I could take the racing scene over. I couldn’t buy certain things for the cars I needed because shipping was delayed by months. Car events were closed and there was no large gatherings so I couldn’t market and build the brand, so I had to adjust quickly which was to start selling merchandise directly through my large social media platform.

Orders came in again and I picked a new factory which was local in California to make my products. I started my YouTube channel and vlogged about the the brand and my personal life. Everything slowly started to pick back up and I ended up earning over $100k in 3 months by customizing cars, selling merchandise, and promoting other shops with a larger clientele.'

Boss XL Mag - What are some future plans for the Rufflife Brand? 'The biggest plans I have for the brand are, get more cars that represents what the racing culture really is. Cars that wherever you see it, you know it’s a racing car. I have a few car culture events I want to host so that we can get the car scene back and excited. Eventually I wish to have RUFFLIFE RACING as an official brand and sponsor of maybe NASCAR and Formula One racing along with our own racing team.'

YouTube - Day in RUFFLIFETM

Website - www.ruffliferacing.com