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R & B Group Soul For Real Honors their Mother with new Single and Video

Updated: Jan 2

Even today on the radio, you cannot go a day without hearing the 90's smash hit "Candy Rain" by Soul For Real. We catch up with Soul For Real, which consists of brothers Christopher, Andre, Brian and Jason Dalyrimple, as they just released their latest Single and Video "After The Rain".

Boss XL Mag - What is the inspiration behind the song and video?

Soul For Real - This new single basically sums up our lives after "Candy Rain" in three minutes. This is a closing chapter of the past era and a beginning of a new chapter. We added a picture of our mother in the video because the world has never seen her face and we wanted to honor her because she gave us life. We released the single on our dad's birthday.

Boss XL Mag - What can we expect from Soul For Real in 2022?

Soul For Real - We will be doing live shows and tours throughout 2022. We are also excited to be featured in TV One's Unsung Season 12.

Check out the Video of "After the Rain"


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