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One MusicFest Founder J Carter chats with Boss XL Mag

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

One of Atlanta’s most diverse music festivals, ONE Musicfest began in 2010 and has since thrived as a highly anticipated summer festival. Bridging the gap between communities, the festival offers an eclectic mix of performers. In addition to live performances across several stages, the festival features a live artist village, food trucks and VIP lounges. After skipping a year because of the pandemic, ONE Musicfest is back bigger than ever with headliners such as H.E.R., Lil Wayne, Ari Lennox, and the Isley Brothers.

We talk to One MusicFest Founder, J. Carter, about what concert goers can expect from the two day event

Boss XL Mag - How do you feel about the growth of the One MusicFest to how it is now?

J. Carter - I am humbled and honored to seeing the immense growth of the MusicFest over the past twelve years to see it grow now to so many artists and thousands of attendees having a safe and good time

Boss XL Mag - How challenging is it doing the concert during a pandemic?

J. Carter - We listen and adhere to local guidelines and take many precautions to protect the performers and the attendees. We look at other venues to see how they deal with putting on events during the pandemic and we all have to learn to deal with it because we may have to live with it. We look for negative tests or vaccination cards.

Boss XL Mag - How excited are you to have the Isley Brothers performing this year?

J. Carter - I am personally excited and honored to have the Isley Brothers performing at this year's One Musicfest because these are musical legends with over seven decades of music under their belt and they can connect with all different generations. I grew up listening to the Isley Brothers and we are glad to give them their roses while we can this year

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