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Nick Cannon Gets a Surprise of a Lifetime! Happy Birthday Nick!

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Some News is Good News!

Photo Courtesy of Nora Moore

It pays to have a good soul. If you don't believe this, ask Nick Cannon.

On the eve of his 41st birthday, which incidentally was Friday, October 8th, 2021, Nick gets a call from a young man whom he had been mentoring musically. Not only has Nick managed to mentor young and gifted new comer Money Mo, he has granted him appearance/performance space on this season of Wild N' Out and garnered him a musical placement on the soundtrack of one of his current films entitled She Ball starring Chris Brown.

So, if this participation in Money Mo's career weren't enough, Nick gifted his new artist a Presidential Rolex for his 17th birthday! Needless to say, Money Mo was ecstatic; of course the gift was amazing, but to be gifted by a cultural icon meant more.

As the story goes, on several occasions 'Mo' hears Nick mention how badly he wants this classic car that he couldn't seem to find anywhere. Apparently, Nick must have mentioned this quite a bit over the course of their work together. So, as a complete surprise, the 17-year-old rapper-singer-songwriter bought his mentor Nick Cannon a rare vintage 1965 JFK Lincoln Continental for his birthday as a gesture of appreciation and gratitude for all he has done! Imagine the shock, someone who has the means, influence, and celebrity and the ability to purchase anything he wants, receives what he absolutely wanted from the most unlikely source!

Boss XL Media Salutes Money Mo on his generous and conscientious act and on his awesome career which promises to be nothing short of phenomenal!

Video Courtesy of Eric Small

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