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New App Launched to help you find the best Events no matter where you are

Kevin Lloyd, a serial entrepreneur, is the Founder of Lloyds of Columbus, LLC (ColumbusBlack.com), Co-Founder of MYLE (Make Your Life Entertaining), Co-Founder of Venture Suite and Color Coded Labs.

As an entrepreneur over the past 16 years, Lloyd has acquired a reputation for establishing strong brands and innovative marketing campaigns by leveraging lifestyle-based marketing, social media and event activation engagement strategies.

He Co-Founded MYLE, LLC; an Entertainment Software and Lifestyle Data Analytics company providing software solutions for the Entertainment, Hospitality and Transportation industries. His company recently launched v2.0 of MYLE, their proprietary entertainment and social activity platform for users to quickly Find Things to Do, Places to Go and Food to Eat. MYLE is the Future of Entertainment, a comprehensive entertainment lifestyle and marketing platform providing a full suite of services for event host, promoters, venue owners, entertainers, consumers and marketers all in one place. MYLE 2.0 is a global platform that is available via desktop and both iOS and Android devices. You'll find Kevin all over social media quoting.... When looking for Things to do, Places to Go and Food to eat, Just MYLE It.

Boss XL Mag - What is MYLE?

MYLE is an entertainment platform that provides the opportunity to explore and discover experiences right in your city and as you travel. MYLE’s content is curated, providing you with the kind of hidden gems you crave to Make Your Life Entertaining. MYLE values diversity, enriching lives and exposing the best in small businesses, minority-owned companies and engaging with the community through the Extra MYLE program that provides arts, culture and travel experiences for underserved youth.

Boss XL Mag - What made you create the app?

My Co-Founder, Sherry Bean-Lloyd and I created MYLE for Three Key Reasons including the inefficient use of Time, Money and what we have witnessed and experienced, called The Struggle.

· Time - Consumers are wasting time searching for relevant in-the-moment entertainment options

· Money - Companies are investing marketing dollars and searching for ways to connect with consumers and monetize social networks to increase their revenues

· The Struggle - Promoters, event planners, venue owners and municipalities struggle with reaching a relevant audience of consumers. This will be a major competitive battle as the pandemic subsides as well.

Boss XL Mag - What were some challenges?

· Going through the development process including identifying the right development team, establishing a knowledgeable and driven cross-functional team, proving product market fit and being patient and persistent enough to see the vision come to life.

· Learning how to raise funds as a start-up, acquiring that funding and then doing it again. It’s a very time consuming process that requires the ability to adjust your mindset, priorities and resiliency. Accepting the fact that there is a small segment of individuals who will understand your vision, want to support you, support your vision and also have the capital to invest. Then, you have to be able to close the deal, get the paperwork done and the funds transferred. It’s a process and some serious work but once it’s done, you can move forward to get the job done. It’s Game Time. Let’s Go!!!

· Validating the product through in-person events and activations, focus groups, meetings, pitching to clients, listening to users, assessing competitors and then building an innovative platform with enough differentiation to satisfy the market and build adoption. It really takes a lot to create something that is special enough that people are willing to give it a try and then adopt it as a favorite. Then, you have to keep innovating in order to retain them.

Boss XL Mag - What are some big things that MYLE is trying to accomplish in 2021 and beyond?

· We are excited about 2021 as people are beginning to travel and really begin enjoying live again. We are looking forward to introducing some really cool features including

o Curated content and recommended events for users

o Ticketing Services, including the ability to Buy/Sell

o Multi-Modal Options, including Uber/Lyft/E-bikes and Scooters

o Geo-Targeted Ads

o Promotional Options, including amplifying relevant events to users for awareness

o Data insights for small businesses, event planners and promoters

o COVID Indicators – That’s confidential

o Desktop Version

o Extra MYLE International – Our nonprofit designed to expose and educate disenfranchised communities through experiences related to Entertainment, the Arts and Travel.

· MYLE’s vision is to make your life entertaining by creating an Entertainment Ecosystem of differentiated distributed content. Our goal is to enrich lives through the arts, travel, entertainment and more.

Website: www.MYLE.com

Where to download the app: Apple App Store and Google Play Store