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NBA Legend Magic Johnson Keynote Speaks at the TSP Live 2022 Convention

NBA Legend Magic Johnson headlined and was the keynote speaker at the Traffic, Sales and Profits (TSP Live) 2022 Convention at the Avalon Hotel in Alpharetta, Georgia. The TSP Live 2022 Convention was a three-day convention that brought thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs together to go through boot camps and extensive training to learn how to grow their business through e-commerce and driving more traffic to their business websites.

Founded by business coach Lamar Tyler, TSP gives entrepreneurs and business owners surefire systems and strategies to grow their business through digital marketing. “It’s hard for us to contain our excitement having Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson as the primary keynote for TSP LIVE,” stated Lamar Tyler.“When we say that TSP LIVE is a conference like no other, we mean it,” adds Tyler. “When you walk through the door, you immediately know what Black Excellence feels like; especially because there are Black Millionaires walking through our hallways who have achieved trailblazing success in e-commerce, beauty and apparel brands, technology, restaurants and hospitality, law and medical fields, accounting and finance, and many more professional industries, and they’re openly sharing business advice and gems of success on the spot."

Magic Johnson held nothing back when it came time to dropping knowledge about growing a business. He spoke about many topics including the power of black spending, his 3–5-year target of creating and maximizing a business, and even the spoke about the types of employees you need to hire to grow the culture of your business.

"Working hard from day one is important to growing your business so you can leave a legacy for your family" stated Magic at one point during his speech. He also took questions from many of the business owners in attendance.

Checkout some of Magic Johnson's keynote speech here.


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