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Miasha Productions Premiere the Sequel to Secret Society in Atlanta (Exclusive Pics and Interviews)

The press junket for the release of the movie Secret Society 2 was held at the beautiful Bakery Co-work which is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The venue has a great working environment for female entrepreneurs and a great setting for the press conference for this sequel.

The film depicts the life of two women trying to get ahead in life despite their secret. They have a goal to be on top of the world and accomplish everything their heart desires except one thing, they have a big secret.

The women in the cast displayed their amazing talents and showed how their perseverance paid off as they followed their dreams. They did not let adversity get in their way, just like the women portrayed in the movie. The author and director Miasha Coleman was a great joy and pleasure to interview. She talked about filming Secret Society 1 in the heat of the pandemic and how it affected the production. In Secret Society 2, the pandemic had less of an affect since the world was back in motion. She talked about something as simple as a plane flying overhead which affected production during the sequel, but you never heard planes when they filmed the first movie in 2020 because no one was traveling. Also, no one contract COVID during both productions and they took every possible safety measure such as vaccinations and temperature checks.

Checkout Miasha Coleman's responses to my questions at the press junket!!

The very talented and creative duo Miasha and Rich Coleman had everyone in suspense at the press junket wondering what's going to happen to the characters in the Sequel.

The Star-Studded Red-Carpet premiere was conducted at Silverspot Cinemas at The Battery in Atlanta, Georgia and attended by all of the cast members. From the many celebrities to the author and Director Miasha, the Executive Producer Rich Coleman, and the beautiful ladies that made the movie: Erica Pinkett, Reyna Love, Adejah Parrish,T'arie Jai, Blac Chyna and the fabulous Vivica A. Fox.

Let's also not forget the men that kept us excited and wanting to know how they were going respond to the secrets that these women keep. The men of Secret Society 2 include actors Jeremy Meeks, Kelvin Hair II, Vincent De Paul, Tyler Paul, and Tray Chaney.

The red carpet had local business owners Patricia Tanner, Stylist Royal Fudge Styling, Author Belinda Sanders, and Aaron Cotteral from the TV show Ready to Love and many More.

CHECK OUT THE MOVIE ON Amazon Prime starting July 29th. I can't wait to get the real tea on what happens next. For more information, visit

Watch the Trailer Here...

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