• Carl Agard

Luxury Bespoke Brand Red Label is looking to make major changes in the men's custom clothing world.

Red Label Bespoke was founded in 2019 in Atlanta, GA. by three black men whose opposite successes from the fashion, entertainment and tech world came together with a sole mission: "To build the man from the inside out through the craft of impeccably designed menswear." By encouraging men to step out of the world of fashion monotony, this luxury lifestyle brand creates premium clothing for the modern gentleman.

We catch up with two of the partners Rod Redmon and Martinis Frazier at the 2021 NFL Draft in Cleveland as they just finished styling and suiting up the #4 Draft pick, Kyle Pitts of the Atlanta Falcons.

Boss XL Mag - What made y'all start the Red Label Brand, and how will it be different from other Custom Clothiers?

Red Label Bespoke focuses on timeless and classic lines underscored by a modern and tastefully expressive point of view. Much is the same when it comes to the brand’s business side, as they will offer both a customer focused online shopping experience or an in-person fitting and consultation.

Boss XL Mag - How was the experience of styling Kyle Pitts for the NFL Draft?

We had the opportunity to style 2021 NFL Draft’s number 4 pick, tight-end Kyle Pitts. After a brief meeting early 2020, the Red Label team left a lasting impression on the new Falcon player. Nearly 30 days before the NFL Draft, Pitts reached out to the Red Label Brand to style and custom design his look for the big day. “A 30 day turn around was very challenging, especially with the amount of detail we focus on. But an entire family? Now that felt nearly impossible.” Said one of the label’s founders.

Red Label not only styled the 6’6’ Kyle Pitts, but the entire Pitts family to include his mother, father, sister and girlfriend. The seemingly challenging ask evolved to a near impossible ask was later named “The Pitts Project”, by the talented player himself. Needless to say, the experience has Red Label setting their eyes on expanding their expertise in the world of fashion.

Boss XL Mag - What's in the future for Red Label?

The future of Red Label Bespoke will evolve outside of premium suiting. This luxury line is currently sinking their hands in a Ready-To-Wear collection and promises a diverse range of menswear.

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