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Lifestyle Brand Rufflife TM Revamps Clothing Line for 2022 and they are Ready to Box

Out in Los Angeles for Super Bowl LVI we catch back up with the Rufflife TM Brand to talk about their aggressive plans for 2022. We spoke with them a year ago as they rebranded their line during the pandemic and added Rufflife Racing. You can read the previous

interview here .

Now, entrepreneur Paul Ruff has totally revamped the line and has added boxing to his repertoire.

Boss XL Mag - What direction is your clothing line going in for 2022?

The clothing brand is headed in franchising around the globe, we want to be the first motivational strictly brand. The new Nike but instead of being a LV or Gucci we are just as high but built on motivation not luxury.

Boss XL Mag- What is YouTube Boxing and how did you get involved with it?

YouTube boxing has been a thing that has recently taken over it’s just celebrity boxing in a sense. I have a real boxing network, a YouTube network, and an influencer network so it made sense for me to start leveraging off my image and off my gifts and talents. It just so happens I’m good at the very thing creating a huge milestone right now, fighting.

Boss XL Mag - What other changes were made?

RUFFLIFE switched over to RUFF (@RUFFTM) for marketing purposes and my last name being the specific target to make things more personal. Gradual growth, we did a giveaway in Times Square NY in 2018, so this year we will be doing a homeless care giveaway in LA! We have been building a lot of networking for our podcast which is about what it’s like living the RUFFLIFE.

We have created a YouTube channel called “A DAY IN THE RUFFLIFE” so supporters can keep up with the brand. Soon the brand will be doing public and motivational speaking by the end of 2022! We’ve also collaberated with many artists and influencers this year, one of them being (@BRYCEOLIVER ) who’s an up-and-coming R&B/pop artist. Many big things are scheduled for the brand, stay tuned…!

YouTube - Day in RUFFLIFETM

Website -

IG - @mrruff

IG- @rufftm

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