• Martin Matthews

Leveraging This to Buy Real Estate

We helped a client set up a plan to "build their own bank" and leverage it for income producing assets like real estate. They're putting away $60K a year ($5K/month) into this policy.

Instead of storing this capital in a bank account where it would earn 0.15% per year, the client is storing his surplus inside this plan. When he reaches retirement age, he'll have over $2.6 million... Something his bank account won't do.

Some of the benefits of this plan are:

  • Access to funds sooner than retirement age.

  • Asset protection in the case of lawsuits, especially for business owners.

  • This policy is designed so the client can leverage it to buy real estate without losing compound interest. His money will continue to grow while using it to set up other cash-flowing assets.

Once the client is ready to retire, he'll also have the benefit of lifetime income. His policy will pay him $189K a year for the rest of his life.. up till age 120! That's pretty awesome!

Plus, he'll leave a tax free generational wealth to his heirs. I went over the numbers in this video below.

Martin and Chelsea Matthews are Financial Planners in the Atlanta Area.

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