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Jaden Rashada vs the University of Florida could change NIL

On May 21, former University of Florida signee and current Georgia QB Jaden Rashada filed a lawsuit against the Gators and head coach Billy Napier over an NIL deal that he failed to receive the payout on.

The potential fallout from this deal could be catastrophic from either side of the suit, so let’s examine how we got to this point and what any of this means.

Jaden Rashada was a top 300 QB coming out of high school in 2023, who signed with the Florida Gators early in the process due to an NIL deal that was supposed to pay him $13.85 million dollars, according to ESPN’s Pete Thamel. The booster who was supposed to help give him this deal is Hugh Hathcock, owner of Velocity Automotive and a well-known booster in the UF community. In April of 2022, Hathcock gave a $12.6 million pledge to the Gator boosters, specifically to go towards renovation of the basketball practice facility. According to CBS reporter John Talty, Rashada names Hathcock along with Napier and former staffer Marcus Castro-Walker in this lawsuit, alleging fraud amongst other things.


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