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Inventor teaches Kids how to Start a Business through his Innovative Board Game

The Entrepreneur Game is the world's 1st and only STEM Accredited Entrepreneur Game. This game teaches players how to create, grow and expand an entrepreneurial business of their own through marketing, investing, branding, budgeting, decision-making, critical thinking, and a host of other 21st century skills.

The Entrepreneur Game has received a number of accolades for being a premier game of this generation. Elliot Eddie, the inventor of the game is currently on the list of 2021 inductees to the Black Inventor's Hall of Fame (BIHOF.org), for this board game invention, and will soon appear on the History Channel's "Toys the built America" documentary for this game that the History Channel considers on par with games like Monopoly and The Game of Life.

We catch up with Mr. Elliot to find out his motivation behind creating this game...

Boss XL Mag - What motivated you to create this game for kids?

Elliot Eddie - I was teaching entrepreneur workshops to the youth in partnership with The Richmond Public Library. During one of my classes, I asked a 14 year old young man what type of business he would like to open. He replied, "I can't open a business, you have to be special to have a business, and I'm not special". It broke my heart. I determined to find a way to help children and adults realize that entrepreneurship was a possibility for them too, and since children love playing games and it's even better when these games teach valuable life and business lessons and prepare them for a successful future, I decided to create an entrepreneur movement and use this game as a fun, interactive centerpiece of that movement.

Boss XL Mag - What will kids get out of this game?

Elliot Eddie - The focal point of this game is several. First, children will learn and utilize 21st century skills, like communication, negotiation, budgeting, marketing, decision-making, critical thinking, and much more. The light of players imaginations will be lit. Players will also get a feel for the type of decisions entrepreneurs/business owners make, how to try, even if it means failing and learning, and how to interact with others while learning and sharing.

Boss XL Mag - What are some other projects you have coming up?

Elliot Eddie - Currently, this game has expanded to include various communities that can benefit. We have a Spanish version of the game, a version called VETREPRENEUR, which is for our veterans re-acclimating to civilian life, and a version called Rise of the Returning Citizen, which is for incarcerated, recently released, and juvenile citizens. We have also developed an online educational technology from this game that connects the world and let entrepreneur from around the world learn and share entrepreneurial ideas and encouragement.

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