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Indie Filmmaker Carla Saunders debuts her Full Length Horror Movie "No Reason" in Atlanta

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Independent Filmmaker Carla Saunders debuted her first full length Horror Film "No Reason" at the Landmark Arts Cinema in Atlanta on March 30th. Produced through her Promises Entertainment imprint, Carla Saunders also wrote and directed the film.

Joined by her cast members, including Mimi Faust from "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta", the movie kept the audience in suspense from beginning to end. "No Reason" is a thriller that follows four friends as they go on a get away road trip to Miami. After having car trouble, they call a friend to help them but soon realize that the help they were seeking was not the help they needed.

Carla Saunders released her short film "Nightmare" September 2021 in which you can read about it here. We catch up with Carla after the premiere to ask her about her thoughts as an independent filmmaker:

Boss XL Mag - Congratulations on the release of your first feature film "No Reason". What were the differences in creating this movie as opposed to your previous short films?

Carla Saunders - I've created 11 films and this by far was the most challenging to produce simply because I self-funded the entire film. It took me 8 months to film and almost 3 years to produce.

Boss XL Mag - How are you distributing this film? In theaters? Streaming?

Carla Saunders - My goal is to have this film streaming in all streaming platforms.

Boss XL Mag - What are some of your short term and long term goals after this project?

Carla Saunders - My short term is to take a long vacation. I've been working so hard these past years creating, getting my projects completed. I love to create. Sometimes I have to force myself to take a break. That's how much I love being a filmmaker. I truly hope to make my mark in this industry as I continue to grow all around as a Director and Producer.

Checkout the trailer to "No Reason" here

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