• Alinda Mitchell

How you can Relieve Body Pain with Natural Products

Updated: Jan 12

The Problem

According to medical professionals and scientific studies, there are four major types of pain that people endure – inflammatory – due to inappropriate responses of the body’s immune system; nociceptive – resulting from tissue injury; neuropathic – caused by nerve irritation; and functional – pain with no obvious causes.

It is estimated that roughly 20% (or 50 million) U.S. adults are experiencing chronic pain as a result of one of the above-mentioned causes.

Our Solution

Musa Gold has combined the ancient knowledge of ancestral medical practitioners with modern technologies to create all-natural remedies to resolve issues of physical pain. Our topical analgesics are infused with the right combinations of herbs, spices, roots, and barks to ensure the development of state-of-the-art products.

Relieve muscle and joint pain with our natural, toxin-free Gold Formula 8 body balm, body wash, soothing lotions, and soaking salts. Take the Musa Gold challenge and get back to living, working out, and enjoying an active lifestyle.

Musa Gold – Today’s Pain, Yesterday’s Problem


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About Musa-Gold

  • Musa Gold is a black, woman-owned business.

  • The goal is to place products onto mainstream shelves where black consumers will be aware of their presence and availability.

  • Musa-Gold wants to become a household name so that when a consumer thinks about topical pain relief, they want them to think of Musa Gold as a solution.

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