• Natasha Salter

How to Pair Greek Red Wine at your Next Dining Experience

Naoussa is a town in the hills of Macedonia, northern Greece. The classic Naoussa wine I suggest for you to try, is a structured savory red wine made exclusively from Macedonia’s flagship red-wine grape, Xinomavro. Top-quality Naoussa wine ranks among Greece’s very finest red wines.

Try beef tartare with some hummus. This can be so fresh, flavorful and savory to get you off to a great start for any business meeting or romantic date. The wine pairing, Vaeni Co-op (Naoussa, 2015) can be insanely smooth.

Another pairing you can try with a Greek Red Wine is a delicious Kale Salad with a nice mix of pomegranate, roast chicken, quinoa and ginger. You will love how the robust Argatia (Naoussa, 2013) wine pairing balance out the bittersweet flavors of the salad.

Lastly, what’s Greek cuisine without lamb? The most succulent and tender lamb chops seasoned to perfection with a spinach and tomato casserole and paired with a Vaeni Co-op Grande Reserve (Naoussa, 2012) will be an excellent choice. This is one of the smoothest red wines I’ve ever experienced. Try a Greek red wine at your next dining experience!!