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How I Cleansed Myself of Social Media for 30 Days, and Felt a lot Better After

These are my pros and cons of taking a 30-day social media fast and why I did it.

We all love the attention a "like" gets us. The heart shaped eyes, thumbs up or the fire signs to signify just how agreeable our post is. Why not. It is a statement that says, “They agree, and I am fitting in” hell if you’re a businessperson it could mean “they’re going to buy my merch” Yaaaay!!!

While this all feels good and it gets that dopamine running wild, there is a place in us that still just feels empty.

It’s like being stressed all day and deciding to have a few drinks to level you out. The only problem now is that you drank too much and now you feel worse...This is social media.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before and have even lived it. “I wake up each morning reaching for my phone, only to realize I’ve now spent over an hour on social media and barely got anything done.” My guilty pleasure was Instagram, we all have one platform or another.

If this isn’t your story it’s definitely mine and most of the world. It’s where we get our news, gossip, entertainment, clothing, ideas and let’s not forget, our feeling of defeat. Yup I said it “DEFEAT”

Tiffany and Kyle have been together since high school. They have 2 children, a boy and a girl. The house they live in is to die for. He’s an exec, she’s a home maker/influencer and my gosh, they drive all of the latest cars.

“Isn’t this the American dream? Well, what happened to mine? Should I have not married my guy and hung in there for someone more like Kyle”?

The answer is you are doing fine. Tiffany and Kyle are only showing what they want you to see. And rightfully so.

Because of distractions such as this, I decided to take a 30-day break from the circus of social media.

It wasn’t as hard as I thought. I mean really when you think about it, we really do have a lot to do in real life besides envy other people.

My break down:

The 1st week I found myself swiping at that Instagram app only to stop myself and say, “oh yea, we’re not doing that.” After about 3 times, I decided to take the app completely off the phone. It helped because while I would still swipe to find it, in my search I’d remember that it was no longer an option which led me to no longer look for it.

Of course, I got text from friends “did u check ur dm”?

“Rihanna’s pregnant “

“Kanye’s crazy”

This actually helped me because I found that my friends were my new source for news.

I even found that the people who I was just Instagram friends with were not friends in real life and were not even looking for me, “out of sight out of mine.” There were no “where are you?” dm’s.

The funniest thing was the first time anyone a “friend” who is not in my immediate circle had checked on me was 17 days later.

I appreciated it

More than anything, I learned that I was using this platform as an ego stroke. When I needed a little ego stroking, I would post something. I would check back and forth all day to see the responses. The likes and hearts made my adrenaline roar.

This also showed me that I wanted the wrong type of attention. All attention isn’t good.

Now I’d be lying if I said after my 30 days cleansing that I wouldn’t still post or get off on the rush of it all. We all need a little love once in a while. However, being conscious of this fact helps me to further make better choices. Social media is not your friend nor your life.

It is merely a platform, and a platform is defined as “a raised level or surface in which people can stand”

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