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Food Network "Chopped" Latest Contestant tells us about the Pros of Owning a Restaurant

One of the most exciting cooking competitions show on TV is the Food Network's "Chopped" which pits four of the nation's top chefs against each other with the last one standing earning bragging rights and $10,000. The chefs prepare a three-course meal with "surprise" ingredients and are judged by guest panelist at the end of each round.

The lowest ranked chef is eliminated after each round until only one is left standing. Hosted by Ted Allen, "Chopped" has become popular because viewers get to see the creative side of high cuisine, and it also give exposure to very talented chefs, many of whom owns their own restaurant.

We catch up with "Chopped" latest contestant Taylur Davis, the owner of Midtown Atlanta's Locale Cafe about her experience on the show and the pros of owning her own restaurant.

Boss XL Mag - How did you get started in the restaurant industry?

Taylur Davis - I got myself involved in the restaurant industry in 2018 when I worked as an executive assistant in a prestigious Vietnamese restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA. I then learned and worked my way through the kitchen!!

Boss XL Mag - How was your experience on the Food Network and how did you get on the show?

Taylur Davis - My experience on Food Network’s "Chopped" was an invigorating competition! Being handed random grocery items and having to create an appetizer and entree round by round was stressful nonetheless, but eye opening for the challenges that it presented. I was approached by a producer from the show, and it was a no brainer from there!!

Boss XL Mag - What are your future plans for 2022 and beyond and what advice do you have for anyone that wants to open up a restaurant?

Taylur Davis - The overall plans are to grow and to not stay cornered within one cuisine! Food is limitless as long as the motivation and art to it is present. My advice for anyone wanting to open a restaurant now, or in the near future is to really take your time, do your research and homework, and build a solid team beforehand.

See how Taylur did on the latest episode of "Chopped" on the Food Network both on cable and on their streaming app.

Checkout Taylur's restaurant Locale Cafe in Midtown Atlanta's Politan Row at Colony Square for the best in fine Caribbean Cuisine.


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