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Commercial Real Estate Maverick TH Mack gives us 3 Tips on Navigating Today's Market

TH Mack Sr. stands at the forefront of urban innovation as the dynamic Founder and CEO of AmeriBuild and MFS Corporation, two flourishing enterprises based in Denver for over thirty years. Mack’s visionary leadership has steered both companies to prominence, with AmeriBuild revolutionizing construction and MFS Corporation making significant strides in the lending sector, with each being equally lucrative and impactful.

With a strong commitment to community development, Mack has emphasized empowering minorities to build and purchase their own homes and businesses, fostering economic growth and equity. His work extends beyond borders with notable contributions in Africa, affecting positive change in countries like Guinea, Cameroon, and Uganda through strategic investments and development initiatives.

As the inaugural president of the Chamber of Commerce in Denver, one of the fastest growing cities, Mack’s leadership has garnered numerous accolades, including awards from the Denver Black Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. His contributions to mortgage lending and urban development have also been recognized by the department of Housing and Urban Development, earning him further accolades.

Although he no longer serves in his gubernatorial appointment under Governor Hickenlooper, Mack continues to influence through his businesses and philanthropic efforts, advocation for family empowerment and the upliftment of underserved communities. TH Mack, Sr. remains a dedicated and influential figure in the landscape of urban business and community development in the mile high city and beyond. TH Mack gives us some tips on the Real Estate market moving forward.

Boss XL Mag - What are the main challenges commercial buyer need to know about the current market?

TH Mack - Right now there is a under current of racial profiling, not necessarily by the seller, but by the lending and banking community. The best tactic a new investor /buyer can have is make sure they have a  fully functioning business structure an LLC, S-Corp, LLP.  This is like taking your business vitamins it will prevent any unforeseen challenges or hardships.    

Business itself comes with it’s own set of challenges and hardships, don’t allow others to dictate your fate or outcome by being ill prepared. It is important to surround yourself with people who can provide mental and emotional capital, and in most cases, the emotional currency which is in direct correlation to gaining financial capital. and money

Boss XL Mag - What are 3 tips you would give a buyer in terms of evaluating a commercial property or development?

TH Mack - 1.) Have a functional relationship with a general contractor. A solid contractor won’t  just point out flaws or problems, but most of all they’ll provide economical  and efficient solutions; which in the long run will become invaluable.  

2.) Drive the immediate area and look at similar buildings or property. Spend several days in the immediate area of the subject property. Compare sells within the last 18months. Online is great, but spending time in the area or community truly outweighs the internet because it can ensure that you understand fair market value before engaging.  

3.) When buying a commercial property, understand the intrinsic values and needs; such as if you’re purchasing a retail property. The first thing you want to pay attention to is the traffic. If you’re purchasing a cafe or eatery w/ outdoor seating, you probably don't want to be directly across from a freeway because you would be looking at 25-50 foot setbacks to ensure safety. However if you’re purchasing a warehouse, you do want it next to a freeway or thoroughfare for easy access of delivery and shipping. Also zoning is very important. You do not want a property with residential zoning if you're a  manufacturer, for obvious reasons.  

Boss XL Mag - If you had to go back in time and give yourself advice, what would it be? 

TH Mack - If I could go back in time, the first thing I would do is buy more real estate in emerging markets when a market is about to face gentrification or new growth. I would also have been more strategic in purchasing of raw land, making sure I understood the footprint of the city or county I’m purchasing in.  

But with all that said the No.#1 thing I would do is find  more like minded friends or family and bring them into my plans for a strategic partnership. Even though its hard to do business with family and/or friends, its also hard to do business by-your-self!  The phrase, " There is strength in numbers,” can NEVER be taken for granted. It is utterly foolish to think you can succeed by yourself. The worst feeling in the world is to have made a significant stride in your LIFE and not have anyone you care for to share it with.

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