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  • Chef Rossano Case Jr

Celebrity Chef Rossano Case Jr tells us about the unknown qualities of Strawberries

Did you know that a strawberry averages about 5 to 7 petals? Strawberries are one of the first fruits to ripen in the spring in America.

Did you know that one strawberry can hold the same amount of vitamin C as a small orange?

Strawberries are also one of the best things you can eat for a healthy diet. Back in the day, the Romans believed that strawberries had medicinal powers, and they were right .

Native Americans were one of the first Americans to actually eat strawberries . Strawberries can help to cure some things from depression to fever and sore throat because it is packed with Vitamin C reservoirs. Another fun fact you want to know is if you want to preserve your strawberries, do not run water over them or cut them until you’re ready to eat them to prevent them from spoiling.

In certain countries like Belgium, they worship the strawberry and there’s actually a museum dedicated to strawberries.

I personally like tomorrow strawberries and to make strawberry margaritas or strawberry lemonade with fresh strawberries from the local markets in Atlanta, Georgia. May is the best time to get local strawberries when the season starts. You can purchase fresh strawberries from your local farmers markets from May all the way down through September sometimes even October or until the first frost.

As a chef Tip:

I love to add a little bit of sugar, lemon juice and/or agave to my strawberries and then I make my own preserves and syrup for pancakes and seasoning, different desserts, for garnish.

Here's some fun facts:

1. Statistics say that Americans eat about 8 pounds per year of fresh strawberries.

2. Strawberries can come in other different colors such as yellow, green, pink, and red.

3. A large sized strawberry can have more vitamin C than an orange.

Rossano Enrico Case Jr, born in Brooklyn & raised in the Bronx, Rossano Case was destined to be an exemplary Chef or anything else he put his mind and efforts too. 

Rossano graduated in 2000 from The New York Restaurant School in SoHo where his love of food preparation was encouraged. He graduated at the top of his class and entered the culinary world ready to share his special gifts and talents. 

He worked at exciting five star establishments like the Water Club, Parsons, and the Aramark located in 7 World Financial Trade Center. He has privately cooked and served for notable clients such as Movie Producer Will Packer and Singer Ne-Yo.

If you leave it to him, no one can do it better. However, he is just as humble as his beginnings and doesn’t mind coaching, developing and teaching along the way.

Follow Celebrity Chef Rossano at

IG @itschefrossano

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