• Carl Agard

Catching Up With Brooklyn Mike

We caught up with Comedian Brooklyn Mike Troy who just wrapped up "Quake's House with fellow comedian Earthquake and Laugh Out Loud on SiriusXM with Kevin Hart. Brooklyn Mike tells us how COVID-19 has shaped the way entertainment has changed overnight.

Boss XL Mag - How has COVID-19 and the pandemic affected you and other comedians performances?

Brooklyn Mike - COVID-19 threw the entire entertainment business off. This is the first time entertainment has been shut down across planet Earth. Work has stopped for me entirely;

such as clubs, cruise ships, theaters, and arenas. But I have been using zoom calls and virtual performances more since then.

However, many comic artists who are use to doing grass roots entertainment are working through it. I’m one of many artists who always knew how to grind and I’ve never lost that mentally. It kinda prepared me for this for at least a year ... lol.

Boss XL Mag - How do you think this is going to affect the future?

Brooklyn Mike - The future will be good once people really feel safe and the economy gets back stable again. But the scary part is, no ones know when that will be.

I’m already looking for other alternatives that will assist my comedy until I can go back out there fully like Uber Eats, Amazon etc. The good thing that came out of COVID-19 is that all artists are on the same playing field right now ...What can you do with your skills now?

Boss XL Mag - What are some of your projects coming up?

Brooklyn Mike - This time off has me in the lab banging out TV Shows, movie scripts and other materials. You can catch me every Monday on "Open Mike Mondays" on Facebook Live.

By Carl Agard, Publisher and Editor Boss XL Magazine

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