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Boss XL Exclusive Interview with Comedian Kiana Dancie on the Launch of her new book "Bye Bye Bags"

Kiana Dancie is a powerhouse comedian, speaker, media personality, actress & entrepreneur on and off stage. She was a former co-host of TV ONE’s nationally syndicated talk show, “Sister Circle Live” and starred on Bounce TV’s second season of “Off the Chain” with Rodney Perry.

Currently, Kiana has shared several dynamic and colorful life experiences on her sold out “Single in the City” comedy tour across the country and she host weekly popular shows at the Atlanta Comedy Theater. She has just released her book, "Bye Bye Bags" and we interviewed her at her launch party.

Boss XL Mag - How do you feel the pandemic helped you to adapt as a comedian?

Kiana Dancie - The pandemic had shut down my entire business but I had to adjust and pivot and learned how to entertain an audience by camera. I leaned on my social media platform to interview other artists and I experimented with a lot of things I never would have tried before.

Boss XL Mag - With "Cancel Culture" becoming more intense on comedians nowadays, do you feel you have to censor your material? And do you feel that "Cancel Culture' infringes on free speech?

Kiana Dancie - Comedians, in my opinion, are given the right to speak out on what's happening in the world. The blessing and the curse is that you have to be prepared for people to come for you if they do not like what you say. Dave Chappelle says a lot of stuff that people want to say but he is big enough to do that, in my opinion. I just depends on the place that it is coming from as long as it is not mean spirited and done with love.

Boss XL Mag - What got you to choose this career path of a comedian?

Kiana Dancie - This career path chose me...I was laid off from the telecommunication industry and going through a break up entering my 30's. During this time my best friend Demetria dared me to do an "open mic" in which I didn't bomb and it started from there. I started in Houston, Texas and then moved to Los Angeles and it was on from there.

Boss XL Mag - What were some obstacles?

Kiana Dancie - There are many obstacles, your trying to find your voice, as a female comedian you can be too cute or too sexy. It took a long time to get to where your really getting paid.

Boss XL Mag - You have been promoting your own show for over a year, what motivated you to do that?

Kiana Dancie - As a comedian you have to realize the business aspect so I started booking other talent around me for shows and tours. The goal is to not only have a show but to promote your own brand. You have to use social media to get people to your shows and to build your brand so you can eat.

Boss XL Mag - What's the motivation behind the book and what will readers get out of it?

Kiana Dancie - The book is called "Bye Bye Bags" laughing to lighten the load. We all carry some sort of baggage in our life and we have to make a decision if we are going to let that baggage to hold you back in progressing in life or keep you hostage. I made a decision in my life to not do that. I'm a child molestation survivor, I lost my dream job of hosting a nationally syndicated talk show, I was in a long term relationship that didn't materialize so despite all that I learned from those experiences to use those energies to laugh and not cry. You don't realize that you are dragging these bags around until they just show up, crying in the corner for no reason.

I started the book a long time ago but it wasn't ready yet, I got on "Sister's Circle" and then the pandemic hit which gave me time to reflect and put this book together. This book is an evolution of all what I was and what I am now!!

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See her at the Atlanta Comedy Theater

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