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Atlanta Embraces the New Orleans Spirit with the First-Ever Mardi Gras Festival

ATLANTA (Feb. 10, 2023) –  The vibrant traditions of Mardi Gras, deeply rooted in the rich French/Canadian cultures of New Orleans, Louisiana, are making their way to Atlanta for the first time ever. The premier Atlanta Mardi Gras Festival happening on February 10, 2024 from 12pm-10pm at The Gallery in The Underground Atlanta - 50 Upper Alabama ST. is set to pay homage to the cultural impact of this cherished southern staple.

Powered by York Promotions, Von The Promoter and Derty Work Entertainment, the festival will be a celebration of the rich cultural tapestry that Mardi Gras represents, offering Atlantans and visitors alike a taste of the New Orleans tradition right in their backyard. Guests can expect to be captivated by a rich day full of Mardi Gras/New Orleans themed activations including: a live brass band, craft cocktails, burlesque lounge, jazz club, casino pop-up, live poetry, comedy, DJs, performances, games, and more! 

Atlanta has long been a city of refuge and new beginnings for many New Orleans natives displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The Atlanta Mardi Gras Festival is not only a celebration of culture and tradition, but also a testament to the resilience of these individuals and the warm embrace of the Atlanta community. This event is a symbol of unity, diversity, and the shared love for the vibrant culture of New Orleans.

"As one of the organizers of the Atlanta Mardi Gras Festival, I couldn't be more excited to bring this celebration to our city. Atlanta is a melting pot of cultures, and it's the perfect place to host a festival that's as colorful and diverse as Mardi Gras. This isn't just about replicating the New Orleans tradition; it's about embracing the spirit of unity, resilience, and cultural richness that Mardi Gras symbolizes. We're not just putting on another event; we're creating a space where the spirit of New Orleans can thrive in the heart of Georgia. So, come and join us as we bring a piece of New Orleans to Atlanta and celebrate the cultural impact of Mardi Gras together." - Ais York - Founder of York Promotions

Event Details: The Atlanta Mardi Gras Fest 

Date: Saturday, February 10, 2024

Time: 12p.m. - 10p.m.

Where: The Gallery located inside Underground Atlanta, 50 Upper Alabama ST

Parking: Rideshare and public transit on MARTA are highly recommended as parking is very limited. 

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