• Ava Medina

Atlanta Based Social Entreprenuer Almost Lost His Life. His Comeback Will Inspire Millions

Jackson Dunbar, Esq. owner of Well Med Atlanta shares jewels on how to thrive when your world comes tumbling down.

It’s not the skill of the man, it’s the will of the man. And no one knows that better than Atlanta based businessman Jackson Dunbar, Esq. owner of Well Med Atlanta, one of the largest privately owned mental health consulting companies in the country. In this rare instance, it seems Jackson has acquired a unique balance of both will and skill. A man with a pristine upbringing and top tier education, Jackson Dunbar has been equipped with everything he needs to succeed. And let the record show - he has utilized every gift, talent and resource available to continually push forward. So herein lies the skill. Now let’s get to the will.

February 15, 2015, this husband and father of two, enjoying his fatherly duties, nearly lost his life. He was going about his family’s routine, taking one of his children to their extra-curricular activities and a driver failed to yield, causing a near-fatal crash for Mr. Dunbar. Thankfully, his child’s life was spared and they walked away without injury; however, Jackson wasn’t so lucky.

Originally strong, with an athletic build, Jackson lost his ability to walk; a turn that he could have never prepared for. As a result, he gained a significant amount of weight tipping the scales at a mere 350 pounds at one point. He had to figure out how to save himself mentally, emotionally and physically. ‘I had lost the ability to function as a father and a husband. I could no longer play with my children or hug my wife. I saw some really dark days’, said Jackson Dunbar on his recent visit to the celebrated While Black Podcast. This is where his will fortuitously steps in and his life changes.

‘My weight gain was negatively impacting any chance I had of a full recovery,’ says Dunbar. ‘I had to lose the weight. I tried Nutri-System and it worked. Then I sought experts and taught myself to prepare meals that would continue to help me with my weight loss. I lost 90 pounds.’

He would then rely on something he had delved into years prior, while working in the corporate sector. In these days he took a stab at the stock market and perfected investment methods that would lead to an enviable portfolio. To bring himself mentally out of the darkness, he continued to work in that area and invest…he made money, which understandably restored self-value. And with the unbelievable turnaround he created for himself, he critically suffered day and night, with chronic pain and it would go on for years, even to this day.

In his tell all memoir Race Matters in Pain Medicine: How I Made Money, Lost 90lbs and Thrived in Chronic Pain, Jackson Dunbar explains in full detail how comprehensive research of the pharmaceutical industry and constant trial and error with doctors and specialists revealed an alarming rate of racial disparities in pain medicine; indeed, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and how one man decides to change the narrative of his life regardless of how bad it hurt.

Race Matters in Pain Medicine: How I Made Money, Lost 90lbs. and Thrived in Chronic Pain is available now at Amazon.com. Log onto www.jacksondunbar.com for updates and details.