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Atlanta based Clothing Designer Kerry Kouture launches upscale Women's Line for Summer 2023

Updated: May 14, 2023

Pontiac, Michigan native Kerry Williams is a Clothing Designer, Motivational Speaker, Reality TV Star and upcoming author. Raised by a single mom while in metro Detroit, she exposed Kerry to fashion by taking him to upscale clothing stores like Jacobsons and Hudsons as a child. This inspired him to create Kerry Kouture so he can transcend creative and unique design into exclusive and luxurious clothing.

From his showroom in Mableton, Georgia, Kerry not only sells his unique designer clothes, he also provides fashion consultations and monthly networking events where the Atlanta Elite can come to listen to music and sip spirits from up and coming liquor brands.

We catch up with Kerry Williams at his showroom to interview him about his upcoming clothing launch.

Boss XL Mag - How did you get started in the fashion industry?

Kerry Williams - I launched my clothing brand in 2015 while living in Tampa, Florida. I have been wearing bespoke clothing since 1994 and I would often get asked by men where did I purchase the clothes I was wearing. That experience inspired me so I decided to design my own line. I started with a few popular styles that I had been wearing. At first I started out slow, I really didn’t put a lot of effort or marketing into my vision at the time.

My dream and vision truly came alive when I moved to Atlanta in 2017. There I launched my Kerry Kouture line which featured a unique hand-stitched “zipper patch” design. I started with 8 different styles of men’s casual shirts and trademarked the name Kerry Kouture.

Boss XL Mag - What were some early challenges that you had to overcome in the beginning?

Kerry Williams - The challenges I have faced are brand recognition, target price points, marketing to the right demographic, and running my business solo. I am still in corporate America so my time has also been limited.

Boss XL Mag - In your opinion, why is it important for men to know about fashion and styling?

Kerry Williams - Men need to understand that how you dress speaks volumes about you before you even say a word. When a man dresses well, his attitude, confidence, and posture changes. People receive you better when you have on a suit and tie versus wearing jeans, polos, and t-shirts.

When men dress well, they give themselves an advantage over men who don’t. Dressing well also says a lot about how you care for yourself before stepping out into the world. How you dress is your calling card in the business world.

Boss XL Mag - What are some future plans for Kerry Kouture?

Kerry Williams - Kerry Kouture will be launching and offering a new casual and upscale womenswear line on May 11, 2023. I am working with a creative designer in Ibiza, Spain. She will be at the Kerry Kouture Showroom for this amazing event. I am also working on designing an upscale casual men’s track suit.

Checkout the photos from the Women's Fashion Trunk Show Event featuring designer Sanaz Ansari on May 11th.

Check out Kerry Kouture's Showroom located at

185 Veterans Memorial Highway

Suite 108

Mableton, GA 30126

IG @kerrykouture


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