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How a change in scenery opened up a Huge Opportunity for this Hair Salon Owner

Tia Freeman is the owner of Crowned By Tia Beauty Studio. Born and raised in Harlem NY, Tia moved to Alabama to attend college. She is a mom of 3 including 2 daughters who share her passion for the beauty industry. In addition to hair, she loves to cook and often does small business catering and cake baking on the side.

Boss XL Mag - The black hair industry is a multi million dollar business. How did you get started in it?

Tia Freeman - I had just left my job at a call center and I wanted to do something that I liked which wouldn't feel like work. I love to cook and I love to do hair, so while i was deciding between culinary school or cosmetology school, I thought back to how I used to braid my Barbie's hair, braiding the hair of little girls on my block, or braiding boys hair in college and so I chose cosmetology school.

Boss XL Mag - What are some services you offer?

Tia Freeman - Silk pressing, crochets, sew ins and custom made wigs are my top services.

Boss XL Mag - It seems like Huntsville Alabama is becoming one of the up and coming cities in the South with reality shows etc. How is the vibe out there?

Tia Freeman - Its crazy because Huntsville was just named the best city to live by Business Insider and its been so much growth. Coming from Harlem NY, I wasn't sure I could do a small city, but I really loved the slower relaxing pace of Huntsville. The vibe is real chill and to be honest, I'd prefer for the growth to slow down just a bit to ensure that a relaxed pace is maintained.

Boss XL Mag - What are some other plans you have for Crowned by Tia Studio?

Tia Freeman - Right now Crowned Beauty Studio includes myself providing hair services. One half is a photography studio with a photographer who is also an amazing makeup artist, and there's also a lash tech. I'm looking into adding a braider because although I started out doing all kinds of braids, braiding is no longer my ministry. I may also add a nail tech so that we can truly be a full service salon.

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