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3 Tips from an Executive Director on how to Create and Maintain a successful non profit organization

Vivian Spady has lived in New Rochelle her whole life and her family’s roots in the area run deep. As a mother, grandmother and community activist, Vivian has been providing opportunities to meet the needs of those around her for decades. In 2012, her long-standing vision took shape when she launched he non-profit organization -Big Viv’s Foundation which is now Big Viv’s Inc.

It started with a successful Christmas toy drive and ever since, she has worked hard to provide necessities and a sense of community to those who need it most. In addition to Christmas toy drives, her annual events include Thanksgiving Turkey Drives, Easter Egg hunts, Winter Clothing Drive for the homeless, and a Mother’s Day Brunch for residents in 111 Lockwood in New Rochelle. Vivian’s events have been show-cased in local media including appearances on Chanel 12 News.

Vivian has three main tips that potential non profit owners need to know before they get started:

Boss XL Mag - What's the first step to do when forming a non profit?

Vivian Spady - The first step is to have a passion for something that you want to do then get a name and brand that name. Then look to what you want to do to improve your community or provide a solution to a problem.

Boss XL Mag - How long does it take to obtain a non profit 501C3 status?

Vivian Spady - Come up with a mission statement for your organization and then apply for the 501c3 status. It took me about a year because everything has to be perfect with the state and the federal governments from the paperwork, to having the right board members.

Boss XL Mag - What tips do you give a non profit for fundraising?

Vivian Spady - Make sure that the fundraising team is honest make sure the product that you're fundraising for is well known and always update your donors on what you are doing.

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